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    DH and i are now thinking about having child number two - hopefully sometime before jelly is 2 years old. i would like to hear from those parents who have two children under two - about both the positive and negative aspects. i just want to make sure i have a realistic idea about what it will be like - IYKWIM?

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    Olivia was only 17 months wwhen Charlie was born. I have to be honest, she was going through a terrible tantrum/frustration stage at the same time he was a newborn, largely becasue she still wan't walking at that stage, so for the first couple of months it was utter bedlam. Feeding Charlie was the hardest: no matter what I tried to do to keep Olviia amused whilst I was BF'ing, it was tough.

    But looking back, we all coped: I still managed to BF for 6 months. Luckily he is an easy placid baby who settled very easily.

    Charlie is now 10 months, and Olivia 2 and a half, and they ADORE each other. It makes my day,e very day, to see them together: they are so affectionate with each other, it is heart-melting.

    I am expecting #3 in October, so Charlie will be only 15 months, and Olivia not yet 3, so I imagine it will be bedlam again, but I reckon looking forward is always scarier than looking back!

    Best of luck!

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