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Thread: Play for a two month old?

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    Does anyone have any activities they play/do with their baby that they've found particularly good? I put Lucy under her play gym and in her swing, but apart from that I've only really found that reading to her and talking to her are things she likes. She likes her musical mobile while she's in her cradle.

    I'm sure there are other things that are fun that babies love! Lucy seems to be awake for much longer stretches now and I'd like to know what I can do with her.

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    I used to take Matilda outside to watch the tree's move in the breeze. She loved being outside & I would love going for walks.

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    Getting out and about is great way to spend some time. I also enjoy pulling silly faces and putting on silly voices. Yasin and Imran both have a laugh if I cross my eyes and stick my tongue out.
    The Kaz Cooke book Kid Wrangling has lists of age appropriate activities although I find that sometimes they're a bit ambitious.

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    Singing, dancing, blowing bubbles on the tum, this little piggy, blowing gently on her face, silly noises.

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    Hi, my daughter Olivia is 3 months old and she loves to dance to the wiggles. I put the dvd's on and when she is lying on her back or tummy on the carpet I play with her arms and legs doing all the motions for the songs and then we get up and dance along with the guys. The bright colours attract her and she loves to listen to the music and listen to me singing along. We have a great time together and it's also a bit of exercise for me too, lol. I also sing quite a bit, things like i'm a little teapot and twinkle twinkle little star. I make up little dances as I sing eg moving livvy from side to side for the first verse then up in to the air for the second. Olivia loves Humpty Dumpty as I sit her on my lap and then when I sing Humpty had a great fall I pick her up off my lap and lower her to the floor before bringing her back up to my lap, she loves it, lol.


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    Maddy loves to just sit in her pram outside in the sunshine while I sip at a cuppa or a glass of diet coke. She LOVES her bubble-bath time, she especially loves it if it's Mummy'n'Me time in the bubble bath.

    Her Jolly Jumper goes down a treat, as does just standing on Mummy's belly and getting 'boos' said to her. Always gets a belly chuckle out of her.

    OH and empty containers...she is just loving feeling different substances and making noises.

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