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Thread: portacot bassinett insert

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    Exclamation portacot bassinett insert

    I'm thinking of buying a bassinett insert for my portacot, but was thinking if it is worth buying. Any opinions.

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    My portacot came with one of these and we did use it, but whether or not it's worth buying a separate one will depend on how much your going to use the cot I guess.

    Once the baby can sit up you can't use them anymore. Our DD didn't sit up until 8 months old so we had use of it for quite a while, but most bubs can sit up much earlier than that.

    The main advantage with them is not having to bend down to almost floor level to lift the baby in and out so it's really just a convenience/comfort issue for you, I don't think they make much difference to bub. Though I was happy to use the one that came with my cot, if it didn't have it I probably wouldn't have bought one.

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    I guess its up to you on how much money you have to spend. Jesse only stayed in his cradle until he was 4 weeks. Im glad i was given the cradle otherwise it would have felt like a waist of money to me. He also slept in our travel cot without any extra inserts at my parents when he was just under 3 weeks and actually slept really well. So i guess its just personal choice.

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    Chloe used to sleep in her pram when she was small when we were out and about (still does now!). I just put a little bassinet quilt down first that mum made to make it more comfortable and cosy . So we had no need for one.

    We only used the bassinet at home for 2 weeks too - i'm so pleased we were lent it as I would have felt it was a waste of money like you Kell.

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