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Thread: Positive discipline for toddler

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    Default Positive discipline for toddler

    Now I am not huge with discipline as Kaitlyn is still so young and is experimenting with things she does and how we react so I know it is all learning for her.

    There are however a few things I say a "no" to they are :

    *Hitting kids or our cat or me!
    *sticking her fingers through the screen door and making wholes
    *a soft no if we are at peoples house and she is touching things she shouldnt and I explain why she cant touch it.
    * running towards the road or anything dangerous

    Just wondering how you all positively discipline your toddlers , do you at this age?. And what for?

    Am I to soft - MIL says I am ! or is it to young to be saying no?.

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    Praise Any age loves praise... my 10 month old *thrives* on praise. He understands no, but only listens half the time But when he does listen I praise him alot. And he knows he's done good. So when you do notice positive behaviour praise her for that and soon you will notice a difference. Keep in mind that a toddler is learning independence and assertiveness so there will be days where you feel all you do is say no and there's the slightest amount of praise in sight. But I find something to praise for LOL! Its my way evening out all the no's... it makes them feel accomplished and me feel like not so much of an ogre.



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