thread: Preparing for newborn baby?

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    Janie Guest

    Preparing for newborn baby?

    Hubby and I are going TTC early next year (if everything goes according to plan). I have been getting really clucky lately and the sales at Target didn't help! We started buying little bits and pieces to prepare for baby (ie singlets, jumpsuits, blankets etc). I earn really good money now and while I can afford it, would like to buy a few things and put money away for bigger items.

    I have left the tags on everything so things don't go right (touch wood), I can give them away as gifts - and I have many friends having babies.

    I know people will have different opinions on whether this is the right thing to do but I really need to know if someone can tell me the things you need for a newborn and young baby. Every list I look at is different, so I want to know from the experts.

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Janie,

    You might be interested in these couple of articles:

    Mum's top 5 things for baby

    Mum's top 3 things I didn't need for baby

    They might help you decide on a few things to get (or not to get!).

    To start with, I tried establishing a kind of baby budget, and I only shopped for clothes and other baby essentials when sales were on (e.g. 25% off at K-mart). This really does make a difference, so by getting some things at the Target sales, you've made a good start.

    In terms of baby clothes, personally I don't think you can't go past bonds wondersuits. Initially, when I first started getting things, I tried to allow for one set of clothing per I got 7 wondersuits in 000 and 7 singlets etc.....and I gradually built up supplies from there. Bonds clothing is generally a little more expensive, but I've found that they wear very well.

    With other baby things, like wipes etc, I actually started putting something in the shopping trolley each week and accumulated a nice supply of things....wipes, ointment, dummies, socks, hats, bodysuits, containers, spoons, singlets etc! One thing don't need to buy a whole stack of lotions and creams - a lot of them you simply won't use and people will give you these as gifts usually!

    When it comes to nursery manchester, quilts are a no-go, so as nice as they are, you really don't get to use them (although I have used them as a nice padded playmat!). My Mum has made cot and bassinette sheets for me and I tell you what, they were a lot cheaper, but they also fitted a lot better too. So you could consider that as an alternative.

    Nappies - I bought a lot of cloth nappies. Not because I had decided that we would definitely be using them, but because I knew that they also doubled up as 'spit rags' as we used to call them! It was a great investment as Jacob was a very vomitey baby!!

    I hope that is of some help to you as a starting point........

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    Colleen Guest

    Well congrats on your decision.. I hope all goes well for you

    Suprisingly you dont need that much at the start , I guess everyone is different, but its hard to stock up on things like disposable nappies, because some babies arent in newborn size for long IYKWIM

    singlets & clothes are always handy, but like I said, sizes will depends on your bub... I got alot of small clothes that never fit Jaykob.. great for presents though!

    The big items are fairly obvious, but when they are first born, they dont need all that much! baby wipes always come in handy so you can never have enough of them.

    Before bub was born I bought soooo many toy type things, which is great now coz he has heaps but when he was born of course he didnt use them lol

    But like you said, while your working you can really get whatever takes your fancy, because eventually your bub will put it to use .... and its easier to get these things now

    Good Luck & Happy Shopping lol

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    Colleen Guest

    oh & i agree on the bonds stuff.. its great quality!

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    Janie Guest

    Oh thank you so much. I'm glad that I'm on the right track - hubby thinks I have already bought so much but I know we will need a lot more.

    Thanks and look forward to more advice.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    Wonga Park

    Getting Ready for Baby

    The best things I purchased or was given before Mackenzie was born were:

    Bath Thermometer
    Digital Camera
    Winter Baby - Singlets and the t-shirt types with the studs that do up inbetween the legs and Bunny Rugs
    If you are using disposable nappies, good to buy them now but they seem to go from newborn to the next sixe quickly so don't over stock up on them!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004


    HERE is a thread that some people have written their lists, which you may find to be a big help - I know I did!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2004

    I didn't really buy anything till i knew what sex i was having, just cos i like everything to be pink or blue! I suggest just saving money, have a seperate account then you can just go on a big spree, which can save you money cos the more you buy the bigger discounts you can get.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    We are cloth nappy users, and use the great brands that are around the place now. I started buying mine when I was working, and I have pretty much enough until she is 9 motnhs old - give or take the occasional thing.

    If you are interested in cloth nappies, I would start investigating now cause there are so many options, and its lots and lots of fun! To set yourself up with a great nappy system uuntil they are toilet trained can cost up to $500, but the great thing is they are all there for next bubs.

    Ditto on what the others have said, but try not to buy too much clothing or blankets. You will be given heaps.


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    Resident Samsquanch

    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    Things that you need but don't cost too much.
    Nail clippers, lots of bibs (mine were chucky), breast pads (even if you don't BF you'll still leak till your milk dries up), maternity pads and panty liners, singlets and socks.

    My SIL is 6 weeks PG and we were at MIL's at the weekend and she dragged out a huge bag of stuff she's been buying since she was 18, she is 28 now. She can't walk past the baby sections at sale time and she has heaps of clothes. It's never too early to start a "glory box" just don't go too nuts!

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    kylie+jayden Guest

    hi janine
    i was really prepared and im glad i was i had different size nappies i had about 5-6 boxes buying them form big w or target is good if ya do outgrow you can always takes the boxes back and exchange them, i brought the mega size huggies wipes there bout 13 bucks from big w i had 6 pkts of them honestly they lasted for ages they are stuff you are always going to be buying/powder as well as for the cloths jumpsuits hot/cold ones are always handy my son lived in his jumpsuits i honestly beleive its good to be organised and be stocked up cause ya never know whats round the corner if ya have the money do it but i am a planner holic i have all my xmas shopping almost done also im found maybe not full expensive cot blankets but i seem to go through heaps of blankets this winter cause its so cold so your forever washing blankets and flannette sheets get a couple of pairs of them you just never know how many times you can change a cot in a night hope that helps
    good luck

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Janie - it's pretty exciting when you decide when you are going to TTC. I started collecting baby stuff as soon as we decided to start. I went nuts on ebay and would buy the odd special here and there.
    Don't go too crazy on the clothes as you will get given a lot with your first baby.
    I wish that I had thought more about getting my house right for the baby. We left renovations until after she was born and it was pretty hellish. So if there's anything you are wanting to do with your house, do it now and get it out of the way.
    As much fun as it is to buy baby things now, maybe just start putting money away so that when the time comes, you have the cash there to buy the things you want and need.
    We took 12 months to conceive Gabby. For a while there, I was worried that we couldn't have children and was getting really depressed looking at all the baby stuff I may never get to use. Not that I am wishing anything bad on you, but sometimes it can be hard if you have collected too much stuff before you get that BFP.

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    Janie Guest

    This is certainly something that I have considered.

    Thank you to everyone for your advice. I might just start doing some research and figure out how much everything costs and start putting money away. I'm sure I won't be able to resist the odd little 'cute' outfit.