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Thread: Pretty excited about DIY swimming lessons...

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    My kids love swimming (now) but they didn't when they were babies. We took them anyway, as we live on the Coast and are surrounded by pools, creeks, ocean etc etc. Good on you Tan, I hope it works out really well for you.

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    Wow - what a good idea!

    We go to swimming lessons because I'm not disciplined enough to do it myself. If I have an appointment, and have paid money - I know we'll attend! hehe.

    I agree that the water familiarisation lessons feel wasted, but I've just changed swim centres, and they're much better than the old one. At least with this one there's a bit more variety in what we do, and they learn to climb in and out of the pool, learn to crab along the wall etc.

    Trish - at what age did they do the swim survival? Is that from 2yrs?

    I started DS at about 8 months I think.. and while he didn't mind the water.. he hated the lesson LOL (anyone who knows Tallon knows he's not a ppl person, and was 100 times worse back then!)/ We had a few months off whilst I was pg, and we're well and truly back into it now, and he just LOVES it! He's the most confident in his class atm! It's just amazing seeing the change in him. He even lets the instructor take him now, so we'll probably look at moving up a class shortly now that he's 2. Just gotta get him happy to not have me in there, coz there's no way he'll listen to instructions in a class if he's screaming for me. But the repitition really does help I think, he loves it, and he's definitely learning

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    Quote Originally Posted by mako View Post
    Slyder Its such a rewarding job don't you think? I just love seeing the kiddies progressing and the smiles on their little faces are just priceless.
    Mako, yes once you get to know all the kids (I have 24) it's a hoot, especially with the ones who struggle initially then just take off. I haven't been doing it long though and the way things are going at my swim school I won't be staying there unfortunately. But, those issues aside, it's great fun.

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    You go girl! I teach my girls at home in the pool as i am another parent who was disappointed in the lessons for the price. $15.00 for 30 mins and no one on one and it was always hurried and just not really for me or the kids. My kids are 100% more relaxed and happy in our pool at home.
    Shayla who is just under 9 mths was more advanced than the other kids in the class who had been going for some time and the instructor asked has she been to swimming lessons somewhere else. I said no but we have a pool at home which i teach them in too. This made me think wow i can teach my kids at home and save $15.00 per lesson as the instructed basically complemted (sp?)me in a way. I took in all the actions and what the instructor did on her first day of lessons and never went back as i do it all at home.
    If you can also let me no if that dvd is any good so i can purchase one as well. Also i go to the library and get books out and read up on swimming etc etc.

    thats my story


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    So sorry to hijack but...

    TRISH: what age did she start the swim survival class? i haven't seen that offered anywhere actually, how did you find out about it?

    I'm not worried about the cost of swimming, but i haven't taken DS yet because i looked in to it and all they do is water familiarisation, and we go to the beach every weekend so he's very familiar. But has no swimming or survival skills, so thats what i'd really like to do.

    I also doubt i could teach that myself as i only got up to level 5 myself as i had ear infections as a child every year.

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    Great idea Tan, good luck with it!

    I can't believe how expensive swim lessons are for little ones, and yet so important and I would say a 'necessity' for every Aussie child. Government subsidy would be awesome for those families who can't afford it.

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    MummaB, I only found out about it by accident really. I started taking Noah to swimming lessons when he was about 2ish, I saw the other little ones there that were so confident in the water and also saw the baby lessons. I "think" they only really do the swim survival for little ones as they are easier to teach to float and as they get older teaching them to swim is better for them. Don't quote me on that though.Tehya started at around 10 months of age.

    If you were in Sydney I could tell you were to go, but other than that I am sorry, I can't help. We have swimming this morning so I will ask our teacher if she knows of anywhere else that does survival classes like that.

    Sorry for the hijack Tan

    Here are a couple of pics of Tehya floating. Even once they pass their swim survival class they have to begin each lesson floating for 5 minutes. Once they can swim unaided (as Tehya can now) they stop having to do it.

    Tehya floating at 20 months
    Tehya floating at 34 months

    Tan, I'd be very interested to see how it goes with Izzy's swimming. Can you keep us updated hun
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    Thanks everyone.
    Love the pics of Tehya hun!! That is great!

    I will definately keep you all updated once I get the discs. It is a step by step program from 0-4 mths and then 4-30 months. Laurie Lawrence is obviously well known in the swimming community and for his own lessons so it will be interesting to see how we go. Also at only $17.50 for the dvd if I decide I only want to do it until new bubby is a bit older and then go to other lessons it will be money well spent. The other interesting thing will be getting Izzy to let go of me in the deeper water and to relax! She is like a leech right now! I will be going again next Wednesday and should have the dvd by then so will keep ya'll posted.

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