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Thread: Purposefully slipping out of high chair!

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    Default Purposefully slipping out of high chair!

    Colemans latest trick is to slip out of his high chair on purpose. It doesnt matter what I put in the way he finds a way to slip through. I have tried a different high chair that has a plastic bit between the legs, and while he cant slip out of that one, it doesnt have a tray so he just drops all the food in his lap and doesnt really eat anything

    I couldnt help but laugh and take pics tonight when he did it again, he looks all sweet and innocent one second, and just laughs at you when you tell him off for doing it!


    What do you do?? I'm not buying yet another high chair, we already have 2 different ones, this is ridiculous! It has a harness too but the middle strap isnt long enough to go around him (big boy!)


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    Kaitlyn has just started doing this to !. But she is screaming as she does it ...does not like being put in it for some reason. We have a highchair with a hard plastic thingo in between the legs so she cant escape!


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    Hehehe love the cheeky look in his eyes! I know you can buy highchair harnesses separately. Maybe you could find one the fits your chair and has a long enough strap?

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    OOOH, he looks so cheeky & adorable.... Sorry cant help, he looks like he's having fun!

    Cass, lately I noticed Indah getting grizzly when putting her into her hiaghchair too, til I realised DH sometimes put's her in there & then prepares her dinner so by the time it comes she could already be sitting there bored crazy....

    So now I tell him to have it ready before putting her in her chair!

    maybe something similar has been happening without realising it??? HTH...

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