thread: Question re 3 vs 4 wheel prams

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    Apr 2004
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    Question re 3 vs 4 wheel prams

    Hi girls
    I'm going to post this in a few places so forgive me repeating myself.
    Am currently in the process of looking around at prams. I was wanting one that will go over rough ground as I often walk my dog across horse paddocks and hope to continue doing so. I thought a 3 wheeler would be best for this (I definitely WON'T be jogging tho!!). Had a look at these and the only one which is reversible is the Valco Rebel. Nice pram but thought it could be a bit bulky and heavy to put in the car.
    I am just wondering whether anyone finds that 4 wheelers are just as good over rough ground or whether I really should stick with a 3 wheeler.
    Thanks for your help

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    May 2004

    Hi Sharon,

    We have a Bertini Bidwell which we love, it is fantastic on the dirt, we would not be able to get to the letter box with one of those plastic wheeled things.

    The only drawback is that they are big and bulky, best check your bootspace with whatever you buy!


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    Apr 2004
    Sunbury, Vic

    Thanks Jo
    I take it that's a 3 wheeler is it?
    I've only had one look so far so don't know all the diff brands!!

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    Jun 2003

    My bertini isn't a 3 wheeler but I would have to agree they are fantastic, bulky yes but so easy! And they have won engineering awards too!

    I worry about 3 wheelers as to me they don't look like they offer enough back support. I have heard they aren't as safe (choice I think, don't quote me on it) and my gf has one and I found it could tip quite easily. The Bertini has all terrain wheels and amazing steering, I could definitely push mine around in a paddock LOL! But I do think the wheels on 3 wheelers are a bit more heavy duty so it might be the way to go for you. Have a look around as there are more and more 4 wheel prams offering all terrain wheels (sounds like we are talking about 4WD's LOL).



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    May 2004

    We are going to be buying a 3 wheeler next, actually I will probably be getting the Valco Rebel. We have a 4 wheeler pram and Rob hates it as you can't maneover it as easy as a 2 wheeler but that is in shopping centres as he hate people getting in his way.

    Go into a baby store and ask them what they think would be best 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler.

    Kazz & co \/
    Nicholas 26/10/02

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    May 2004

    No, sorry Sharon, it is 4 wheels, but they are 4wd! My girlfriend has a mountain buggy which is 3 wheels and she loves it. You can also buy the carry cot thingy for new borns for them. As a personal choice, I just don't like the 3 wheeled ones! You really need to spend some time in different shops "test driving" them out before you make a decision.

    Have fun driving!

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    Apr 2004
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    Thanks for the help
    I shall keep looking around, well I shall try anyway (I'm not very good at shopping, although baby shopping is far more fun I must say).
    I've asked a few stores and most have said to go for the 3 wheelers on the rough ground. Mind you none have really been as helpful as the first place I went (Baby Mode in Epping - they were great!). I asked about the 3 wheelers tipping and they have all said that they don't - after reading that bit I thought oh no maybe I'd better go 4 wheels after all.
    Thanks again and I shall keep a-hunting!

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    Well now that a lot more of us have had babies and bought prams, please let us know your opinion! Did you buy 3 or 4 wheelers? It certainly seems to be one of the first decisions you have to make when choosing a pram, as there are just sooooooo many different types in each of the 3 and 4 wheeler ranges.
    Do you like your pram? What are its good and bad features?

    I have a 3 wheel Childcare Overlander Deluxe for Aidyn. It is a dream to push, with suspension, and it is SO easy to steer. I find it works really well for going outside on rough ground or even just the footpaths.
    The downside is that it is really heavy and large (15kg) although I think they make them a lot lighter these days. So if you have stairs at home its a real pain to carry up and down them, not to mention pushing it up a steep hill (with a heavy baby inside) can be a challenge too.

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    Jul 2004

    Personally i find 4 wheelers great over bumpy/rough grounds, but that's just me!

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    I was pretty close to buying a Jeep Cherokee pram the other day. It is 4 wheeler, my pram is a hand me down of a hand me down and I don't really like it. The Jeep Cherokee was 40% off but still over $140 dollars, said to Andrew we would need another baby to jusitfy spending that much money on a pram so we left it there LMAO


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    Feb 2004

    We got the Baby Love Primo in a 4 wheeler & my bought parents bought the same one in a 3 wheeler!

    Ours is all put together & it's really easier to manouver & the best part is you can fold it up really really easily! Mum & dads is still in the box, so not so sure about that just yet.

    I'll have to come & do a review of what we think are the differences once munchkin is here & we've tested them out...

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    Nikki Guest


    We had your exact pram for Jayden (Overlander). We found it was a dream to use. So much easier to steer in shopping centres & it had a smaller turning circle than a 4 wheeler.
    It has been steam cleaned for the next baby...if & when it ever comes.

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    I had a second hand reverse hand bertini pram when Felix was newborn, and then when I started working again I when out and bought a steelcraft 3 wheeler pram. I love the 3 wheeler but it is not great for shopping as it's so wide!

    The things I found with both prams:
    • -reverse handle prams, mine only had steering wheels (the ones that move) at the front when handle was at the back IYKWIM, so when reversed you couldn't steer properly
      -3 wheel prams MUST have the option of lockable and steerable otherwise they are a nightmare! My friend had the fixed wheel and hated hers.
      -Look for a large under basket, for the early days when you take your pram shopping, as a small under basket can be frustrating
      -My steelcraft has a built in shade feature, which is wonderful for when he's sleeping AND keeping noisey Nanna's out! also the shade is able to come right over and cover the face when sun is in front of you, when you live in QLD like we do it's really important to have good shade on your pram! this feature is as good a reverse handle pram, as you can see the sleeping child from the back of the shade
      My steelcraft also has a newborn head suppot, and a rain cover, neither of which I've used due to the fact I bought in at 4 mths and it was spring!

    Look around for bargains, Ebay has alot of prams selling really cheaply, no need to get a new one!

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    Sep 2004
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    We had thought about getting a 3 wheeler with Noah but didn't. I have one question about 3 wheelers - what are they like to take on and off esculators (SP) I take my 4 wheeler on and off them with no problem, when I am going up them resting the pram on the front wheels and down on the back wheels. I wondered if when you are going up an have to rest it on the one wheel is it really stable??

    I am thinking of getting a new Graco for this bub. Was just going to use Noahs pram but Mum and my little brother have offered to pay for one for me so what the hell. Bring it on. Graco prams all seem pretty user friendly and generally are lightweight.

    BTW I had a Steelcraft Acclaim with Noah, good pram and worth the money.

    Take care

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    I have never taken my 3 wheeler on an escalator with steps, so I dont know how it works! (I thought you werent supposed to take any prams on those step escalators?) If you were to do that with a 3 wheeler than it is likely to be unbalanced as the top/front is lighter.

    I am considering buying myself a cheap 4-wheel stroller now, as Aidyn is older and I use public transport. My big bulky pram is a huge hassle on buses especially cause you have to somehow fold it up (whilst holding baby at the same time) and then get them on the bus, which is sometimes too crowed for a giant pram to go somewhere... *sigh* I cant wait to get another car...

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    Aug 2004
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    We brought a 4 wheel Bertini Bidwell from Baby Target for a bargain price of $250. We were going to buy a 3 wheel pram but having a big think about it we thought they might easily tip over and couldn`t find one we liked? The Bertini is so easy to steer ok it`s a big pram but I think once bubs is here it`s going to be great especially when I want to talk him for a walk in the pram here on the farm.

    Take Care


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    Apr 2004
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    Well I ended up buying the Valco Rebel - 3 wheeler. So far I like it more than I dislike it, though haven't really used it that much yet as often carry Kane in a sling when shopping etc so far
    It is very easy to steer, the basket is nice and big, the dog has learnt to stay out the way of the wheels (almost anyway) when we're out walking. I like that I can have Kane facing me and can then have it the other way when he's older
    I have only put it in the car once and it is bulky and quite heavy so they are the only cons so far- not sure what it actually weighs. Will try removing the basinet part and see what its like then