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Thread: Question regarding 2 bubs-newborn and 13 month old...

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    Default Question regarding 2 bubs-newborn and 13 month old...

    Hey girls

    Wasn't sure where to post this as its in regards to having to bubs close in age.We'll have a newborn and a 13 month old and was wondering what things you can think of that we'll need. Like another high chair or another cot etc etc. We only just talked about it last night and we realised we have no idea and haven't even started buying things yet! I know I need new teats for bottles and didn't even know I needed those!!

    Please help!

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    You may be able to get away without buying another high chair if you look at the seats which sit on the chair at your table. By the time your new bubs is ready for a high chair Gemma may be ready for one of these. 2 high chairs will take up so much space! You may also find when you start feeding bubs in the high chair it may not be time for Gemma to eat (you know how when you start introducing solids its for such a short feed time and minimal times for a while). You may be able to borrow a cot from someone rather than buy another one? There is so much to think about! Good luck

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    You`ll need another car seat - that`s the only major thing we`re buying as bubs will go into the cradle which will last him 7 months by then hopefully Matthew will be in a big bed so the baby can have the cot as for another highchair we`re not exactly sure what we`re going to do but we will not be buying another high chair, maybe one of those chairs that clip onto the table or something - I really haven`t thought about it.

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    Great thread Kirsty considering we are in the same situation! We actually got one of those plastic high chair things that strap onto a normal chair and it's great. We got it originally for travelling but use it all the time at home now - so much easier to clean than a high chair and takes up heaps less space and only $50. Thoroughly recommend that one! We are going to buy an amby hammock for #2 instead of another cot. I hate the idea of having 2 cots! That way Lucie should be in a big bed by the time #2 is ready for the cot, and we won't have to buy another port-a-cot then either (they are really portable apparently). We already have a capsule and car seat so don't need to worry about that. The only other thing I'm going to get is a new pram - Phil and Teds. Have you found out what you are having yet?

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