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Thread: Question for those with ~4mnth olds & formula fed

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    Default Question for those with ~4mnth olds & formula fed

    I was just wondering for those with 3-6 month olds that are bottle fed.....what time is the last feed that you give your bubs? (Including the 'dream/rollover' feed)....and what time do they on average wake in the morning for their next feed?

    And also.....for those with babies that can sleep you still find they wake up in the middle of the night (not for a feed) and they just lay there kicking their legs and smiling at the ceiling (or their toy mobiles)....and you've got to put them back to sleep? Is this still counted as sleeping through?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Pietta Guest



    My son is way past 4 months but when he was 7 weeks he started sleeping through. We used to give him his last bottle at around 11 just before we went to bed- that way he slept for longer.
    He was never a "Im happy to lay and look at things" baby so i cant help you with that part sorry!!

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    My three were all sleeping through at that age and were formula fed too. Their last feed was at 7.30pm - 8pm and then they'd sleep through until 7am (lucky me!). By 6mths though they were having solid feeds aswell. Sometimes they would wake and just be content and if they did this i'd let them go until they'd self settle back to sleep. But if they didn't I'd usually give them a bottle to get them back to sleep. Even adults will wake through the night and not go straight back to sleep, so I'd say that yeah, she does sleep through. It's frustrating sometimes when you don't know if you should feed them to settle them or let them go. If she is content just to lay there, I'd leave her alone and she will go back to sleep soon enough (so long as you are happy letting her stay awake like this). Hope this helps you a bit.

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    When Aidyn was that age (and for many months afterwards) I would dream feed him his last bottle between 10-11pm, just before we went to bed. Most nights he would sleep through until at least 7am!

    I guess if they wake up and need to be settled back to sleep its not classed as sleeping through??.... however I remember having to get up for Aidyn and I was still classing it as sleeping through... probably because it never bothered me and he was easy to get back to sleep.
    If he was difficult at all, or I had to get up multiple times, then I would Not class it as sleeping through!
    I guess we all see things differently though

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    Mason was b/f so I can't answer the first part of your Q. On the subjest of waking during the night, there was a few times where I heard him babbling away to himself when he was 4-5 mths and as he wasn't crying I left him. He went back to sleep after a while and woke at his usual time.

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    Gemma is formuld fed and has slept through since she was 3 months and her last feed at night is at 7pm and she wakes at 6 am.There have been nights where I could hear her talking away to herself or her feet and I just left her and she went back to sleep.I think its pretty normal!

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    Hi ,

    Kaitlyn is "sleeping through" from about 730pm/8pm to 530am/630am. She has her last feed at 6pm and then play, bath bed by 730ish. She will usually stir 3 or 4 times during the night and may resettle herself or we will go in and just pop her dummy in .

    She used to go back down for another 2hours after her feed in the morning as she would fall asleep on the bottle ...but she seems to be wide awake when she wakes up now ...arghhh early mornings from here on in


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    Indah is breastfed, but has 1 bottle of formula (220ml) at 9pm, then sleeps without waking til 7am, but often til 8am..

    I found since returning to work that late in the day/night my supply is really low, so I give her this 1 bottle.

    She may wake during the night, but always resettles, I hear her I roll over & go back to sleep now... As it's just gooing & gaaaing to her feet etc.

    She usually goes to bed awake & plays for about 10 mins, so is probably used to putting herself to sleep?

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    Dylan is 3 months old and has been formula fed since he was 7 weeks. He has a bottle at around 6pm, then has a play then sleep. He would go into his long sleep then if I let him, but I find that by waking him at 9.30 and giving small feed then bath, he sleeps through longer, usually waking around 5-6 for his dummy then around 8 for first feed. This is certainly not set in stone though - sometimes he still wants a bottle at 5am!

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    Lucie has been ff since about 7 weeks. She has always been a nightmarish small eater. I give her a dreamfeed about 9/10 (she's in bed by 7.30 at the latest) and she wakes at 5-6.30am. If I don't dreamfeed her she wouldn't wake up hungry, it's just to get that bit extra into the child!

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    Hi there...

    I remember being told that "sleeping through" is when a baby sleeps 5 hours or more. So, if your bubs is sleeping at least 5 hours, he/she is "sleeping through". Hmm... pity for Mummy who needs more than 5 hours sleep, hey?

    Gabby was BF for 6 months but I gave her a formula comp feed at night pretty much from the start (give or take a few days).

    At the beginning, she would sleep in chunks of 3-4 hours before needing another feed (in which case I would BF) but it slowly extended out. By the time she was 4 months, she was sleeping 8 hours a night. I have always given her the last bottle right before she goes to bed. It used to zonk her right out (I'd feed the bottle to her while she was wrapped up). As time went on, she started to take the bottle and not fall asleep so I would wrap her after a feed. Now, at 10 months, she has her last bottle, a little bit of a quiet play (or just cuddles with Mum) and off to bed. She'll sleep anywhere between 9-12 hours these days. I still get some wake-ups at night but it's usually just to pop the dummy in the mouth or move her back into the middle of the cot so she's not wacking her head.

    Best advice I can give is to just go with the flow. Try not to focus on how many hours you bub is sleeping (it can drive you crazy). If he/she does wake during the night, make sure you keep the room as dark as possible, give the feed, change the nappy (only if it's really necessary) and straight back to bed.

    As for your bubs waking up but playing a little, he/she might just put itself back to sleep if you leave it? I try to only go in to Gabby if she is crying. If she just makes little noises or sounds happy, I leave her be and half the time she puts herself back to sleep.

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