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Thread: Quick Question about Eggs

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    Default Quick Question about Eggs

    I'm just about to cook a zucchini slice (no bacon) as my DD loves them and they are quick and easy meal alternative for me.

    DS is just over 8 months old, he's enjoying finger foods.

    Can I give him zucchini slice at this age? There are a fair few eggs in it.


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    Melinda Guest


    I don't think it's advisable to introduce eggs too early as they can be highly allergenic.

    We didn't give Jacob egg yolk until he was 10 months old (in the form of egg custard), and then another month or more after that, he had something that had both egg yolk and egg white in it.

    I believe it's best to introduce egg yolk first, as it is the protein in the egg white that is the part that is the most allergenic.

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    Violet is on full eggs now (8mo). I introduced her cautiously about a month ago, and she was fine with it and has been ever since. We all love eggs and I would be shattered if any of my children had allergies.
    I have an introducing food guide and it says you can introduce eggs from about 7 mo.

    Good luck


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    I think it really depends to tell you the truth. We were told by our Dr that because Zander has bad eczema to delay starting foods that are known to cause allergies, so we have to wait until 10months to start egg yolks and about 12months before starting him on egg whites....

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    jaggard Guest


    I'll hold off on it now I think. He doesn't have any allergies that we know of and only had a tiny amount of excema when he was a newborn.

    I have had a nurse say that if he eats arrowroot biscuits, they are made with egg, so if he hasn't reacted to those then you should be O.K. He also had a bit of banana bread (thanks to MIL) that would have definately had egg in them.
    Zucchini Slice has 5 eggs in it which is probably too much to begin with. Might give him some toast fingers with the yolk on it to start as that is something he can hold as well I guess.

    Thanks for your replies

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    Hi Jaggard

    You can give babies egg yoke when they are 9 months old but you should not give them egg whites until they are 12 months old. Aalso If you or your partner suffer from any allergies intriduce eggs to your baby with caution.

    Alan (Midwife)

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