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    Hi Everyone

    Just after a little bit of advice.

    Today Amber spat the chewey hugely when he bottle was being heated, she is very impatient at the best of time but doesnt usually get herself into this much of a state (and of course we were out at a restaurant at the time!)

    When her face cooled down again, I noticed big red blotchy patches all over it which took a little while longer to go away. It's the first time it has ever happened and scared the hell outta me!

    I was wondering if it's something to do with the weather being a lot hotter here than it has been...?

    Anyone else's bubba's have anything like this? I am thinking if it happens again I am going to take her to see someone.

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    Hi suzan, It sounds pretty normal. My DS gets this if he gets worked up. I think it could be heat related too. He only gets this type of thing on his face, and it is really noticeable sometimes, as he is very very fair in skin colour.
    Try not to worry, esp if it goes away reasonably quick, as i said, sounds pretty normal.

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    Thanks Ellyboo, much relief! And yes she is very fair skinned aswell.

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    Yes, Kayla has gotten a blotchy face from when she has cried hard. I wouldn't be too worried. I know when I have cried hard mine has gone blotchy too.

    I am sure she is fine

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    My friend is a natropath and mentioned something about *****ly heat. It's a rash on their face when they get hot, so I would say that is it. She thought my DD had it from being overheated at night, but turns out it was exczma....bummer. xo

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