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    Fletch I tried replying to your message and I could'nt get it to work. I wanted to tell you when my son Trevor Jayden was 5 mos he started cutting 2 on top and 2 on bottom. By the time he was 7 months he had 8 teeth. Visable, not all the way in but you could see them all. His Doctor said that was normal but I did'nt see any other infants with that many teeth. He is 17 months now and has 14, 6 on top and 8 on the bottom. I mean a mouthful and what is funny is he has just finished cutting a few of the moulars which I thought didn't come in for a long while. I think this is an interesting topic, anyone else with a toddler on here with so many, let us know.

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    hi leslie

    that is a mouthful of teeth isn't it. my ds got his first 2 teeth at 12 wks - yup 12 wks and i kid you not by the time he was 18mths old he had all 20 teeth. my dd is 14mths old and has 10 teeth with another on the way.

    with my ds i am now on the other side lol he has started to lose them - lost his first tooth 3 days after his 5th birthday, then another 1 month later and he informs me now that another is wobbley. gosh they don't seem to stay around for toooooo long.

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    To reply to a msg hit the Post Reply button at the end of the forum. Type what you want to say in the box then hit "Submit" not "Preview" If you get an error of some sort then please let us know but keep in mind your post will still go through if you get a debug error.


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    Wow! That is amazing! Thanks for your reply. For some reason the post reply button was'nt coming up last night neither were the icons. So, when I check this morning the buttons were all downloading. Thanks Astrolady!

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    Wow michelle!!!! 12 weeks!! bet that was a surprise!!

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