thread: Is this realistic (night out planned 2 months after EDD)?

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    Is this realistic (night out planned 2 months after EDD)?

    I'mk just wondering if we've wasted some money or we'll work it out when the time comes. We've booked tickets for a show 2 months after the EDD, so I figure bubs will be 6-10weeks old.

    I'm now thinking, oops - that's the middle of the "colicky" period. Mum will be able to babysit, but will I be able to leve my LO? What about BF? The show starts at 8pm in the CBD. I imagine it's a 90min show.

    We could always try to on sell the tickets if we need to, but I thought it would be nice to have a "date night" if we can and if I can leave my baby....

    Anyone managed it OK?

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    Hmm. The short answer would be: It really depends.
    You might have a lovely, settled baby that sleeps well and predictably. You might not.
    You might feel comfortable leaving your young baby for a few hours. You might not.
    A date night is a nice idea in theory - can you just wait and see how you go, maybe decide closer to the date?

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    you will most probably cry all the way to the show but you and your bub will be fine and by 6-10 weeks you will love a night out
    just wait and you said you can on sell the tickets if you dont feel ready

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    It does depend on you & your bub.

    I went to a concert when Anelise was 2 months old. I was breast feeding at the time but I expressed for her for the time I was away from her. She was well looked after by my sister who I trust so much but I still called every hour to make sure everything was fine. My sister loved looking after her, Anelise was fine and I had a good time too.

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    As everyone else has said, it really depends. You won't really know how things are & how you feel until the time comes. I don't think it hurts to have the tickets there, just keep an open mind about it all & you can sell them if you need to.

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    I agree with all the others!!! Whichever way you feel though, please don't worry about it or feel guilty. It's okay if you want to go on your date night, and it's equally okay if you don't feel you can leave your bub. It really is a totally individual thing, for you AND your baby, don't let anyone make you feel bad about your decision (cos there will always be people who think you should do one thing or the other). I feel MORE protective about leaving my second baby than my first, go figure! You really don't know until you get close to the time.

    Good luck

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    An alternative would be see if you can take your mum and bub with you and have bub sleep in the pram with your mum looking after him/her in the foyer then if things really go pear-shaped you can duck out of the show and BF.

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    Thanks for your input ladies. I guess we'll just play it by ear. It's all very new and unknown for us.

    Nai - Mum's already suggested she hang out at the Westin with bub so we're not too far away... she understands the "no one else can look after my baby like me" thing, cos she had it too

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    The first time we went out after DD1 we were having dinner with MIL at Crown for her birthday and she was staying the night there so my mum sat in the room with DD1 and babysat while DP and I had dinner downstairs. It made me feel so much more relaxed knowing that she was only a minute away if I needed her. With DD2 we went to the movies at 7 weeks for 3 hours - she was easier and slept better than DD1 - so it also depends on the baby too.

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    I went to a wedding when DD was 8 weeks old and it was fine. My friend was there and her bub was 4 weeks old, we both expressed for those feeds. DD was having a hideous wonder week at the time and I wasn't sure how it would go but wouldn't you know, she didn't cry at all during the night and charmed the pants off anyone who came to visit her! In the week leading up to the wedding I had expressed some BM and tested her using a bottle so it wasn't totally knew when I wasn't there.

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    I agree it really depends on bubs and how things work out, it's just not something you can know or plan for. My DS1 could be left no worries, he was on formula and put himself to sleep well and just woke for a bottle or two. DS2 is a whole other story, he will not drink anything from a bottle, not expressed milk...nothing!!! I did go to the Sex in the City movie just the other night, fed him to sleep but he woke & wouldn't drink from bottle for DH, he just waited up happy til I got home. He also wakes every 2hrs & only goes back to sleep with a no date nights for us LOL. But if you can GO FOR IT....a date night, a great idea.

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    Hi, just my 2 cents worth we went out when DS was 6 and a half weeks old - and he stayed away the entire night!!! Which I know will make people think I am a bad mum. But having said that he was with his Aunty who is pregnant (and 19) and her mum thought it would be good practice looking after a young bub...her mum was there too! I could have picked him up but decided that would be more for my benefit than his. He was sleeping from 7-5 at that stage with just a dream feed at 10pm so picking him up at 12 would have just woken him up unnecessarily. Apparently he was an angel and didnt even cry (only when he wanted feed) and I was back there at 630am to pick him up. I say do whatever is right for you.

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    It will depend on how you feel about leaving bub for a few hours.
    We are getting married in a month - which was 10weeks after our EDD! BUT i'm okay with leaving bub in the care of others and i'll express for his feeds through the afternoon/night/next morning (I express now for top ups or when we're going out to dinner or leaving him with my parents JIC he wants a feed). People told us to postpone the wedding (which was planned before we fell pregnant) as we wouldn't handle both.