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Thread: really unsettled while awake - help please!

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    Default really unsettled while awake - help please!

    We're having a little trouble with Emily ATM. She's a great sleeper, great feeder etc, but it seems when she's awake, she's really unsettled. She cries pretty much the whole time she's awake! It's like she hates being awake. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of to settle her, and nothing is working. Is this normal? Will she grow out of it? I can't remember what Nina was like at this age.

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    Hi Jodi, I'm not sure darl, but just wanted to give you a hug!
    Hang in there, youre doing a great job

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    Have you tried wearing her in a sling? I remember when DS was really little, sometimes he would just have days where he was unsettled all the time - the HAB helped.

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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah I bought a sling the other day, and she has her moments in it. She did enjoy being under the play mat this morning for a little while, which was the first time ever! It's just so hard when I have a 22 month old I have to show attention to as well. I'm hoping it's just that she's not used to being awake, and all of a sudden she is??

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    That sounds like a pretty reasonable assumption - unless its the start of an early growth spurt maybe? I remember when DS was about that age, whenever he got grizzly and nothing seemed to help settle him, I'd chuck a load of washing in the dryer and he would sit there for ages just watching it go round and round I think the sound and motion are very soothing for them :-)

    You are doing a brilliant job mate, so give yourself a big pat on the back!!!

    (Oh and btw, got your package today! Thanks heaps - I owe you!!)

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    Glad the package arrived.
    That was actually DH's suggestion, why I didn't think of that beforehand Pity I don't have a dryer!

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