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Thread: referral or do it myself?

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    Default referral or do it myself?

    DD has an egg allergy. she was tested last year in august and we have been careful not to give her egg since. however, at daycare they have told me that they gave her some apricot slice and she ate 3 pieces. then they realised it had egg in the recipe!!! anyway she didnt have any reaction.

    my dilemma is, should i wait til august this year to have her annual allergy test? or should i get a referral and take her soon as i can get in? or should i give her some food with egg in it and see what happens?

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    I personally wouldn't be giving her any, but if it makes life easier try to get in sooner

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    allergies can have a cumulative effect so where a small amount of egg may not do her any harm this time she may have a reaction next time.

    I would absolutely not give her any egg but if you like I would book in a new test.

    Most kids grow out of there allergies so it may be that that is what is happening but I wouldn't want to risk it.

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