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    Hi everyone,
    For those who don't know I am having an absolute nightmare of a time at the moment trying to get Olivia to sleep. In the past two weeks I have spent 4 days at Day Sleep School and the rest of the time at home doing it with phone support.
    I AM GETTING ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't know what to do anymore to get my DD to sleep.
    How do I get into a residential sleep school and how do I find out where one is?

    I am so close to giving up it isn't funny. God I need some help!!!

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    Just wanted to give you some emotional support because I know this is a big issue for you with going back to school and all. And I really wish you all the best.

    What is a residential sleep school? Is that like day care center only at night, with beds and cots set up for children who's moms work the night shift? We have some of those in the US, but they're very hard to find and are usually associated with really big teaching hospitals for the nurses and other shift workers.

    Good luck.

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    Awww Dan... I can sympathise with you. I'm a sleep school graduate.

    Obviously the SS you are going to doesn't have residential stay?

    So... I would ask them who does... or ask your maternal nurse.
    I went to one in Noble Park - called Queen Elizabeth Centre. That is a 'public' one - but many private hospitals do it as well.
    There is a number of residential ones available... one in Rosebud. One in Ivanhoe (O'connell). But I see you are in "country" Victoria... so I'm not sure what part of the country.

    The process to "get in":...
    I went to a day stay first... which taught me some basics - but I still had problems a few months later.
    So I phoned them, they phoned me back to 'discuss' it (the callback can take weeks). They access my situation over the phone... and decide if I need residential (or another day stay or phone support). Then they book you in (which can also take weeks). I live up the road from QEC... so I was able to get in earlier due to a cancellation which was a bonus too. My cousin also had problems, and she went to see my DS's GP - who is also the sleep school GP - and she was able to get in quite quickly as well.

    Good luck. I hope you can get in somewhere. It's the best thing that I did.

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    Ohh Dan - you poor thing - I would get on the phone to every single one you can find and tell them how you are feeling hun. When I booked into day stay at QEC they gave me a date for a ohone interview but I called back in tears a few days later and got in a bit quicker. Its sounds manipulative but you need to let them know how desperate you are hun - sometimes I think if you sound too 'together" they dont tend to fast track you. Good luck hun.

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    hey sweetheart, i went to the residential stay in footscray at tweddle, there is the o'connell centre, and queen elizabeth centre as well.

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    What about your MCHN??? Surely they can put you on to someone!?

    When they medical professionals (A range off them) all (incorrectly) told me Zyon had behaviour issues at 3+wks they were all happily handing out sleep school numbers (this included MCHN, GP, Paed from RCH etc!) so I would imagine asking for help they would all help? What about the 24hour parenting line, I think there are numbers in the blue book.

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