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    Nov 2004

    Rolling Escaping Baby

    Amy has just learnt to roll on her belly which is great but...

    We can't keep her in her cot. As soon as we put her in the cot she rolls on her side or rolls over completely and we find her with her leg through the bars on the cot face down. She is able to get her arms forward and lift her head with no problems but she has not learnt to roll from her back to tummy yet. She is always in a Grobag. She can't actually get out of the cot but we hate seeing her with her arms or legs hanging out.

    Any suggestions on how to keep her in one place? We were thinking of putting some plywood around the edges and don't want to use material cot bumpers because of SIDS. We have an anti-roll pillow but SIDS don't recommend it either.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Gemma I just responded a bit in the SIDS thread, but Matilda was quite a rolly baby from 10 weeks onwards, and yes she would get stuck in the cot, with arms & legs out. She would also travel from one end of the cot to the other and get wrapped up in any blankets we had for her. We took all the blankets out of the cot & just let her go. We were at sleep school at the time & the nurses watched us 24 hours a day and said to just let her go. She got stuck a few times & we had to move her, but she would generally get herself out somehow.

    I was quite nervous about it myself, and hated to see her get stuck & wake up startled and scream, but she did work it out eventually. After a month or so we didn't have to worry about it at all. HTH!

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    Feb 2004

    Zander is a big roller as well & he travels all over the cot. If he gets into a position where he can't move he lets us know.

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    Matthew also moves heaps, if I go in there and his has his legs dangling then I just move him. I tend to think if they are old enough to roll around then they aren't in any danger of SIDS. As Sarah said, they'll let us know if they are stuck.

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    Aug 2004

    Jenna is a really, really rolly baby (well she was ) We never had a problem with her getting stuck in the cot cause she is swaddled really tightly. And we use anti-roll pillows. She sleeps on her side, so they were the best things to keep her propped up IYKWIM?

    I dont know what to suggest with a gro-bag though.

    Sorry - I've just realised I'm absolutely no help at all!! #-o


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    Just experiencing the same thing with Tommy right now. He seems to want to sleep on his tummy but I am afreaid he will smother himself as quite often he sleeps almost face down. He can't get himself off his tummy with consistent regularity but can lift his head up. Tonight I am putting him a Safe-T-Sleep, which is a strap in harness thing. I don't really want to as i don't want to inhibit his development (currently the only time he rolls is in bed!), but I'm too scared to let him go through the night.

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    Jul 2004

    Lily did this as we bought her the SafeTSleep Sleep wrap/ Its a piece of material that goes right around the cot mattress and another pience on top that goes around baby's belly. It's expensive, but worth it. You can get it form most baby shops.