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    HI, i am doing the feed play sleep routine. DS (5mnths ) is on feeds every 3 hrs during the day then dreamfeed at night, so appr 6 feeds per day.

    can anyone share their routines for feed paly sleep, or does anyone know of a website with suggested routines.

    do you gals at the end of the day , do a bath before last feed , or is it best to bath then feed then bed?


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    My DD just turned 5 months, we try and do feed play sleep but as some days we have alot of trouble settling her for day sleeps it can gp out of the window. I would like to have more of a routine going but I just go with the flow.

    We usually bath her in the middle of the day, our bedtime routine is:
    Feed on one side, top and tail sponge, massage then feed on the other side, into bed with CD and soft toy. Most nights this works well. We also give a dreamfeed.

    I know there are lot of books around with suggested routines that you could borrow from a library but all the ones i have read my DD will definately not fit into and I don't want to force her into a routine.
    What someone suggested to me once was to chart for a week the times your son feeds and sleeps and you may see a pattern emerge that he is roughly going down for naps around a similar time so you could structure a routine around that.

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    maggie Guest


    thanks, as DS who will be 7mnths , will be in morning care 2days per week( half days) i have to give thim his sleep times, but each day it is different, as some days he wakes up at 5am, some days 6am, and sometimes in between, but i will work it out.. thanks heaps

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    I demand fed Caty for about 10 days and she fell into a 2.5 to 3 hour feeding pattern so that's what I've stuck with. Though for the last month or so she's dropped her midnight/early am feeds so starts at 7am and ends around 10.30.
    It's a feed, play, sleep pattern with her though sometimes she plays, feeds then sleeps.

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    I'm currently finding sleep/feed/play a bit hard because Cooper is on 3 solid meals now and I've been thinking about dropping down to 4 BFs and 2 sleeps. It doesn't really work out anymore!

    Otherwise Cooper's loose "routine" has always been something like this:

    6.00 am - BF
    7-8 am - Bed
    9.00 am - BF
    10-11 am - Bed
    12.00 pm - BF
    1-2 pm - Bed
    3.00 pm - BF
    5.30 pm - Bath
    6.00 pm - BF, read story and into bed

    Today I'm trying 4 feeds at 6.00 am, 10.00 am, 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm. But I get confused where to fit in solid meals and naps. I tried it the other day but ended up with a BF and sleep being due at pretty much the exact time!!! So then I'd be feeding Cooper to sleep almost. So confusing!

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