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Thread: routine for new baby and older kids

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    Default routine for new baby and older kids


    I was just wondering if I should waste my time trying to get DD into a routine over the next couple of weeks. I have 3 other kids at school. 2 are full time 1 is 2 days per week. The school is just across the road. So I don't have to get into the car.

    I would like to get some sort routine going. I guess I could get her used to have her sleeps in the pram, rocker and cot. We are just sorting out the feeding she suffers from bad wind and gets overtired very quickly. Hence she is a nightmare to settle from 3:30ish onwards..

    Any suggestions?? What do you do?

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    Hi Chele, I have no clue how you'd get her into a routine, with four children at your place - I only have two have and hardly manage to keep them organised! So bearing in mind that I only know half as much as you do, could I suggest maybe not being in too much of a hurry? I know people always say to start the training and routines right from the beginning, but I have also heard that younger kids sometimes develop their own ways of fitting in with the rest of the family. As Kiara is not even 2 months old, she's probably still adjusting to being in the world and may well become more settled once she is a bit bigger and gets over the wind. I guess the afternoon is very difficult for you as she's unsettled and the others are home from school and wanting attention - do you wear her in a sling or baby carrier at all? That might be a way to keep her happy while you attend to the other children, and it's often helpful for the colicky/indigested/windy babies.

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    Chele, I don't have a solution for you, but you shuld join us on the 'Born in May 2006' thread. The girls are great, and might have a sloution.

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    Settling her in a pram for her mid afternoon sleep sounds like a good idea especially if it has a bassinette attachment... can you move the pram around easily inside your house? My newborn spends most of his day in his pram, but it's a large one and I can wheel it around our whole house as I deal with my older children... I also sometimes walk to my DDs school to collect her and if my newborn is already asleep in the pram it's no problem getting out and about.

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