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Thread: rubella vaccination for boys

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    Default rubella vaccination for boys

    Is there any point to it? I know that for women it can be a big problem if you're pregnant but for a man is it ever any worse than a rash and maybe a fever? It seems so silly vaccinating my boy against a rash.
    I'm thinking of getting the MMR as 3 seperate but only getting 2.
    I'm not really sure how to go about it. My Dr is a bit resistant to even splitting the timing of the vaccinations. She tried to talk me into getting all 3 1yo immunisations in one go today ("instead of traumatising him with 3 trips to the Dr")

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    To be honest, that is why I ended up getting Charlie done........JIC he infected someone else ie a pregnant woman.........

    (Glad I did too, to be honest, cos my rubella immunity was zero when I was pg with Lexie, so if Charlie had got it, we would have been scuppered...........)

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