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Thread: Rusk sticks??

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    Hi my DS is 5 months and 1 week today and i have not yet started him on solids at all. His first tooth cut through 2 days ago and i was just wondering if it was ok to give him rusk sticks yet just to help with the pain of his tooth?? Im planning to start him on rice cereal next week...


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    If he can hold a rattle or toy, then it should be fine to give one to him, because it is not like they really eat them. Just make sure he holds it up high cause it lessens the risk of him sticking it in too far and gagging. And when he starts to knaw and break bits off, throw it away and give him a new one.

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    I think I gave Kaitlyn her first one at about 5months ...she did not let go of it for about an hour she was so cuffed about having something to chew on !. So it should be fine.

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