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Thread: Scared of other babies

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    Unhappy Scared of other babies

    My 1 year old son seems to be scared of other babies. Im not sure if its associated with his teething.. a few past times he's been upset a tooth has come through shortly after. But if he hears another baby cry or scream he turns into hysterics, crying and screaming at the top of his lungs until he's completely out of the room or away from them. If this happens at mums group with the younger babies, he'll do the above and will cling to me like a koala. Wont go anywhere near them and is hysterical if he isnt in my arms. He is totally fine with older kids however, the complete opposite.. absolutely loves them. He'll squeel in happiness and laugh at them when we walk past some in the shops, even if theyre paying him no attention at all.
    Another thing mum suggested is perhaps something to do with his ears? Not sure.

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this? Im really not sure as to what to do about it. Do i ignore it or pay attention or what? But the more i ignore the louder he screams

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    Every time a baby makes a loud noise - a cry, a happy squeal, a shout - DS's little face falls, his bottom lip goes and he just wants a cuddle. The only exception is his little girlfriend, but she's a really quiet baby (and 2 weeks older). As you noticed, older children are usually OK - they have to step on DS's foot or hand before they upset him (not that I let them do that!). If the baby is just babbling to DS they can actually have a conversation now - so cute watching two 8m babies having a "conversation" when they take turns to babble at each other!

    I just pick DS up and cuddle him, telling him it's OK and other babies are allowed to talk too, after all he does enough of it. I try to put him down as quickly as possible and make a fuss of him, put him near babies he likes at playgroup (he likes about 3 babies of the 15 there) and give him lots of kisses when another baby cries but before he does to take his mind off things. He is a little better and doesn't go into a meltdown unless the baby is near him or is the only other baby in the room. He is a social eater though and I can't let him see another baby having a feed without him demanding a feed and won't settle until he gets one.

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    Thanks Ryn. ITs nice to know he's not the only one. WIll just try and reassure him all is ok i guess.
    ITs funny, youd think he'd be scared of bigger kids because theyre bigger.. maybe its cos babies make more noise, who knows!
    Thanks again for your reply.

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