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Thread: Screaming & crying out in her sleep

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    Default Screaming & crying out in her sleep

    My baby girl has just turned 1. From a very young age she has cried out in her sleep - we would go to her & find her still asleep but crying or sobbing. She's never slept well. She still does it, but now it's generally a violent sudden scream & cry that only lasts a few seconds & she goes back to sleep straight away (if she even really woke at all).

    I asked a paed about it (when she was about 7 months) & he seemed baffled & said he thought she was too young for night terrors.

    Has anyone else experienced this at this age? Know what's happening? Can anyone point me in a direction for help/information?


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    Definitely not too young for night terrors IMO. One of my closest friends son's would often wake and cry out. I remember my mother telling me I did the same. I think its similar to sleep talking, some kids do it and others don't. If it was a sudden thing and you had noticed a change in behaviour I might be concerned it was to do with something that was upsetting her on a day to day basis. But if you are concerned get a second opinion, trust your mothers instinct. Does she seem to be a happy child in all other aspects?


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    Charlie has done it a couple of times, most recent yesterday morning - screamed out in his sleep and then just sobbed inconsolably (sp?) for a while whilst he was still asleep - it was awful - I cuddled him and fed him a little for comfort, when he woke about 3 hours later he was happy and fine.

    I wonder what could happen to a 15 week old that would make them sob in their sleep

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    Cooper has done this a few times too and he's only 3.5 months old. I have often wondered if he can have nightmares yet.

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    My DS started at about 6-9mth and at first we thought it was teething and all those other things you worry about until someone told me about night terrors. Xander continued to have them until he was maybe two. To this day he has vivid and frequent dreams and always talks in his sleep nad he loves to tell us about them, good and bad. it is quite scary though the things he has "bad dreams" about as he doesn't watch tv except for kids movies/ kids cartoons yet he has horrible dreams.

    When he was younger we just used to go in and hold him, stroke his head and tell him it was only a dream, not real and mummy and daddy were here. He soon settled after that although it could go on for up to 30mins esp if he didn't wake up fully.

    All the best, hope you find something that worksd for you.

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