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    Screams at Dinner Time

    I'd like to know if anyone has had the same experience as I'm having atm.
    DS seems to have a quick metabolism, he poos about 5 times a day, he's somtimes very constipated and cannot figure out why. I have him on Nan hA formula as I thought that was the most gentle on the stomach, maybe not. S26 does not do him any favours.
    He loves his solids and eats anything and everything, but come dinner time (5pm), we try and feed him and he screams, wriggles around and cries. I can't figure out if he's got huge pains, whether he's expecting that time of day to be painful so he cries anyhow, or whether he hates the food. I really don't think he hates the food as he'd spit it out, I tried fruit custard tonight just to see and he cried at that, when at lunch he'll devour the lot. This has been going on for a few weeks and it happens who ever tries to feed him.

    I'm wondering if he has digestive issues. Why is it the same time everyday?

    Can anyone shed some light?


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    Matilda always has had a more difficult time at dinner than any other time of the day. At the moment she eats half of what she eats during lunch. We just feed her more at the times we know she will eat, and feed her main meal at lunch time, and a "lunch" type meal at dinner. When she was younger we would try different things, like feeding her earlier etc sometimes it worked, other times she would refuse entirely. So I don't have much advice other than try a bit earlier & see if that helps him being less tired? Matilda will never eat if she is too tired :-k dunno... HTH!

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    I have heard that its very common for around 5-6pm to be the grumpiest time in the day for babies... and I dont know the scientific reasoning behind this, but I have found it to be true, at least in our case anyway.
    My son is a fair bit older than your bub though, but he has absolute tantrums at dinnertime (which is usually between 5-6) and will pretty much refuse to eat most things - even though he should be hungry! So I'm thinking I may adopt Christy's approach and feed him his main meal for lunch...
    My thoughts is that maybe your DS is just very tired/cranky at that time of the day?? As often that is reason enough for them to scream and carry on and refuse their food. Because if it were a digestive issue I would assume that it would happen more than once per day, and at varying meal-times IYKWIM?

    Not sure on the constipation issue though... I guess you could try a different formula and see how things go? Or make sure he is getting lots of pears in his diet, as that will soften things up a bit for him hopefully...