thread: Seeking out parents- HELP we need a social life!

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    Seeking out parents- HELP we need a social life!

    I'm not sure what the rules of this forum are as so contacting other memebers, but if what we're about to write is in any way inappropriate feel free to take it off.

    I am 24 and DP is 26. We're the parents of two lovely little boys- Carter 2 1/2 and Aidan 4 mths. We just can't seem to find any other younger couples with children who share similiar interests to us. I am American, and because I didn't grow up here in melbourne I don't have a circle of friends to fall back on. I didn't even find out about mothers groups until just after Christmas- and while the ladies are wonderful and I have gotten on well with some, they are all in their late thirties or early forties and I feel out of place. James is even more out of place with the dads who are all older and at the top of their corporate game so to speak while he is just barely out of uni.

    To make a long story short, here is a bit about us. We are both active and enjoy being outdoors. James plays hockey and I play volleyball. We also both enjoy tennis. At the moment I stay home with the children while James works. Some shared interests we have together are:

    Food- Both trying our new types and cooking our own.

    Documentaries- Be it Ancient history or the history of sex, we just like television shows that teach you something. (of course we're both also fans of Desperate Housewives)

    Walking- Around the zoo, through the Botanical gardens, down Smith or Brunswick St.-we really enjoy a walk and a talk- perhaps with a coffee thrown in.

    Some things I like are:

    Reading- Everything. I try to read a book a week, mostly science related, but I'm also a HUGE Harry Potter fan.

    Going to Ikea- Storage solutions and decoratig facinate me.

    Playing board/card games- Literati and Scrabble are my favorite word games, Hearts and Rummy are my favorite card games, and I love Dominos.

    Things James likes:

    Motorsport: He races minis- or did before children took up all of our time

    Jogging: He's always looking for a running partner.

    Gardening: Our vege patch is one of the best.

    I hate to sound so formal but we're desperate and down to our last attempt. I assure you we're nice, honest, educated, open-minded people- we just can't find anyone else our age with children who'd like to get together to do family activities. If anyone is interested in getting togeter or getting to know more about us please let me know. Hope to meet you soon!

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    I know the melbourne girls are having a meet up in Melb some time in November... I know you will be more than welcome to come, look for more details in the local meet up forums, maybe you could also post there too.
    I would love to meet up with you... only prob is I live in the middle of nowhere... well... not quite... but a long way from Melb

    Anyway I look forward to meeting you at some stage


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    Hey there Pandora! Haven't seen you around, so don't know you very well, but we are ALWAYS chatting in the Victorian thread. Come along and meet a few of us! We do get together on occasion as well, in fact we had a meetup last week (although I couldn't go because I'm not driving).

    I'm a SAHM atm, although expecting this (not so small) bubba any day now!

    Where in Melbourne are you?


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    Hi Pandora, where are you in Melb?

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    Hi Pandora :wave:

    As Divvy said we had a meet up just this week at Frankston, and as we had so much fun I'm sure there will be another very soon.
    I hope you live nearby or have a car so you can join in.

    We also have a local member chat. Click here for the link HERE so you can get to know us too.

    BTW I am 30 but still young at heart

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    thanks for all the responses! I live in Preston just off Murray road near East Preston Primary school. Frankston is a bit far away- I do drive but I only started driving here after Aidan was born four months ago so I don't know the city that well. Anyway, I'll definatly look into the Victorian thread. Thanks!

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    hi pandora, i wish i lived nearby because i think we have a lot in common!!! umfortunately i live a LONG way away (4 hrs north of sydney).

    hope you have some luck finding others your age, but otherwise, might see you more in these forums.