thread: Sensitivity to light?

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    Sensitivity to light?

    I am a bit worried about Aidyn today, as he has just not been himself since yesterday evening.
    He has has a very mild fever since yesterday arvo, and he woke up twice during the night, screaming and shrieking like he was in pain...

    And today he has been really, really sensitive to light... on our walk down to the gym this morning it was overcast, yet his hand were up at his eyes constantly covering them, and they were watering pretty badly too. Same reaction from the lights inside the house (I have had to turn some on cause it is a dark day.

    Has anyone's child ever acted like this before? I'm just wondering, cause Aidyn has never been sensitive to light like this, and I'm not sure if he could have a migraine, or if it could be something more sinister?...

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    Hi Ambah,

    I can understand why you are worried about Aidyn, the poor little man. I would be very worried if it was my child . Especially when your normally happy baby hasn't been himself for nearly two days.

    I would be taking him to the Dr's to get him checked out just to rule out anything more serious. It doesn't take long for illnesses to take hold of little ones so i think it's best to go now before he gets any worse.

    Hope Aidyn is feeling much better soon. Please let us know how he is going.

    Take care Leah

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    Melinda Guest

    I agree, I'd definitely be taking him to the Doctor to get checked out asap. Childhood illnesses can come on so very quickly.

    Poor little sausage, I hope he is ok. Keep us posted Ambah.

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    I should have mentioned though that apart from the sensitivity to light, and low grade fever (which seems to have gone for now) he has been fairly playful still, though maybe a tad crankier than normal.
    The reason I havent taken him to see our GP yet is that whenever we go there he points out to me that you can really 'tell' when a baby is quite unwell, as they will be listless, and not wanting to play or eat, etc. And Aidyn is none of these things really, so I'm not sure.... I think I will ring up the GP's office and speak to a Dr there and just ask.
    I mean I am used to Aidyn getting colds, or viruses etc, its just that being sensitive to light has never been one of his symptoms before, which is why I am unsure.

    Thanks girls

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    Melinda Guest

    I've received the same drill from our GP as well Ambah. In fact, it really gets on my goat that they do that. IMO, it's far better to be safe than sorry. An alternative doctor that we have taken Jacob too has been totally different on the other hand and has even told us that he would be much happier to see Jacob and check him out and have everything be ok than to risk him becoming unwell rapidly (as can often be the case with little ones). He would even tell us to bring him back the next day, even if it was just to set our minds at ease.

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    Will your Dr talk to you over the phone? It might be worth a try.