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    Default seperation anxiety

    How long does it take for this to ease ?
    Aneta has suddenlt developed seperation anxiety. The thing is that she will only settle and fall asleep and eat if im the one settling / rocking or feeding.
    I dont mind. In fact i love it that she trusts me so much and finally recognizes me as her mum But i feel sorry for DH who gets the saddest look on his face when once again he has to hand her over to me when she cries or is hungry.
    I think he feels a bit useless..he loves being with Aneta I can imagine how frustrating it must be for him .

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    *Kristee* Guest


    Tarleha has just started going through this phase to and whilst it is nice to be wanted/needed and identified as mum i am finding it very tiring. I can see it upsets DF but i don't know what to do to try and make her ok with dad. It is so bad at the moment that i can't laeve the room, or go to the toilet by myself. I would like toknow when this phase ends too.

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    Jacob went through this, and it does come to an end...eventually

    It doesn't happen overnight - it can take several months in fact. Jacob would get hysterical. He went through separation anxiety with DH, and with me, at different stages.

    Playing lots of peek-a-boo games helps them understand that if you disappear, you do come back IYKWIM? Also talking to them from the room that you have gone to etc etc. But at the end of the day, it is hard work.....poor little mites think that once they can't see you, you're gone for good - imagine how scary that must feel!

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