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    What age should a toddler know how to share ??

    We went to DH's aunts house today and Kimberley would not share a doll with his cousin's little girl after we kept telling her to share after a few minutes his aunt went up to Kimberley took the doll from her and she had hold of them tight and took them away. I know that is what you are meant to do with them but Kimberley then stood there and cried for ages.

    All his aunt kept telling me is she needs to learn how to share because of Alex.
    Part of me is angry because of what his aunt did. I am sure in time Kimberley will share but i am still not sure she really knows yet.

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    Melinda Guest


    I have heard that sharing is not a concept that toddlers understand until they are around the age of 3. When you think about it, it is a pretty complex concept for them to understand........

    Something I have read is that they are more able understand "taking turns". You'd obviously need to explain and demonstrate what it means, but it seems to be more easily understood for them and if they take turns in short bursts, it seems to work IYKWIM? I've seen an 23 month old grasping this explanation really well........

    Tell me to shut my cake-hole though whenever you like as I've not been down this path yet myself and this is all stuff I've read or heard!!

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    Thanks for your help Melinda.

    I have heard people calling it "taking turns".
    At the group sessions we go to each week they also teach them about taking turns. Maybe next time i am there and it happens again i will say something about each of them taking turns in playing with the toys.

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    Hi Michelle. Its completely natural at Kimberley's age to not understand the concept of sharing. We had some fun days when the kids were little lol. She will understand more as she gets older Taking turns is a fantastic option might take a few times for her to grasp it.


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    Michelle, I have found Emily responds well to "taking turns". Although she sometimes doesn't like it. I know that Violet doesn't care much if Emily snatches a toy of her, but I think it is a great learning tool for Emily. I am taking advantage of Violet while she isn't old enought to care less and therefore doesn't scream while teaching Emily to share . I am also hoping taking turns and not snatching will automatically rub off onto Violet (fingers crossed )

    Another thing I refuse to do is let Emily take something from Violet and replace it with something else... I think is defeats the purpose of the whole lesson.


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