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Thread: Sharing a room?

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    Default Sharing a room?

    Ok so I have been busily clearing out the second bedroom to make it into a nursery when DS and DH bring up the idea of DS and bubba sharing a room. DS has wnated the baby in with him since day dot - which I think comes from us co-sleeping with him and now that he is in his own room he wants to look after the baby. so who has shared a room and how did you make it work.

    I was planning on putting the cot in our room anyway for the first few months but as we will probably cosleep at night anyway would it be worth putting bubba in DS room. I must admit it is tempting to keep the spare bedroom/study available instead of converting it but I am worried that it will disturb both their sleep. Any thoughts

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    We put our DD in with DS when she got too big for the bassinette and went into the cot in DS's room and he went into a single bed. It worked really well for us and we had no dramas at all. I think if Xander is keen to have bubs in there with him, then it should work out OK. The one worry most people have is the baby waking the older child up, and vise versa, but we didn't have a problem with that either - I would just see to them quickly so that they didn't disturb the other one. You can always trial it and if it doesn't work out, then you do have the other room to use.

    As for putting them to bed at night, I always put DS to bed first and then DD after her last feed at night.

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