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Thread: she's got a cold & cough

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    Default she's got a cold & cough

    Nina has developed a cold and cough tonight. She's really unsettled, more than usual, and to look at, looks a bit sick. I've given her some Panadol, and her temperature is 33.7 - is this ok? Is there anything else I can do?

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    I'd retake her temperature, that sounds a bit too much like something didn't work with the thermometer, rather than her actual temperature. Is she cold? Does she feel cold, or is she shivering?

    Obviously, if she is cold, wrap her in some nice warm blankets and take her temp again in half an hour. If she is still cold I would probably take her to see someone.

    Hope it all settles down for you!

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    I don't think the thermometer is accurate, I re-tested and it still says 33.7, but she doesn't feel cold. I've got her in warm pyjamis and she's in bed now under her blanket. She seems to have settled since giving her the panadol, and she's sound asleep.

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