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    Our DS is 15 weeks old and is feeding roughly every 2 1/2 hours during the day. Sometimes he only feeds for 5 minutes from one side and will not take anymore when offered. Sometimes he cries when I try to get him to have more. He seems happy enough afterwards (most of the time) but a lot of the things I've read say they need to be on 7-10 mins each side to get all the good stuff (foremilk and hindmilk). I'm a bit worried Lincoln isn't getting all he needs. Wondering if anyone else has short feeders.

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    some are just short feeders, some take over an hour!
    dont worry - your baby will take what he needs sounds totally normal.

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    Caty's the same - can only go for 5 or 10 minutes on the one side and she's all done! Will scream the house down if I try to get her to take more. I had a thread on this a while back and there's quite a few babies here who do the same.
    As long as the nappies keep coming back wet and smelly, your DS is getting plenty
    We call them powerfeeders!

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