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Thread: Should I be worried?

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    Default Should I be worried?

    DD just rolled over to our coffee table and spotted the cord from our digital camera hanging off the side. As she grabbed it I said No went to grab it off her but i was too far away and she pulled it off straight onto her face. It hit her between the eyes just above her nose.

    She cried for about 20 seconds and now is fine. A small mark came up but it appears to be gone now (less than 10 minutes since she did it).

    Should I be worried?? She is due for bed now so I'm not sure if I should keep her up or what???

    P.S. Little paranoid after the US actress died from hitting her head.

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    If she's fine, then she's generally fine. I'd keep an eye on her for up to an hour after the incident but then don't worry.

    But then my boy's skull is thicker than concrete, or appears to be from the amount of hits he's given it!

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    How has she been since? Has she been happy and alert or does she seem drowsy (more than usual before bed). If she is relatively happy and the mark has gone already perhaps it wasn't hard enough to do too much damage, my DS is constantly crashing in to things and it is always his head that he hits!
    If you are really worried give nurse on a call a ring maybe they can triage her over the phone and put your mond at rest.
    Good luck hun hope she is okay xxx

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    Paranoid mummy moment.. I kept her up for about 45 minutes afterwards and she was just happily playing on the carpet with her toys. No drowsiness and even did a lap of the loungeroom holding her hands while she walked around so coordination was all good. She was off to sleep when I put her in so no problems but up at about 9.30pm which is normal at present as she is teething so she is all fine.

    When I saw it smash on her face I thought "OH my god!"... Glad it didn't hit her eye actually as it was straight in the middle of her eyes.

    Lesson for today: no longer can leave objects hanging over the side of the coffee table for her to pull onto herself!

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