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Thread: Sibling's sharing rooms

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    Default Sibling's sharing rooms

    Well, number two is getting closer and closer and we are starting to try & figure out where we are going to put her. The ideal location is to move both girls into the spare room as its the biggest room in the house. The problem is we will have to do work to get it ready. But that is okay... I'm just trying to figure out how long we have.

    My main questions are:
    Do you have children sharing a room?

    How old were they when they went into the same room together?

    Did it disrupt sleeping habits or did you have to form new ones?

    Any tricks or secrets?

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    Well DS1 and DS2 started to share a room when I had DS3, they were 4 and 2 at the time. Their sleep was disrupted for about the first month after moving in together as DS2 was an early riser and DS1 liked to sleep but was woken by DS2. After the first month of ajustment they settle back into their routines and it didn't worry them.

    Now we have had DS4 we have the three older boys in one room without much disturbances between them.

    Advice I have is that it will be hard for maybe the first month or so until the novelty wears off then they will settle into either a new routine or their old one. HTH.

    hugs xoxo

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    We have just recently put the boys in the same room, it wasn't too bad, when they first go to bed they like to chat and play for a little while, but they both sleep much better now they are sharing, and they both get up at the same time, so that isn't a problem

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    My girls will have to share when we have #3, there's a big age gap between them, but Maddy cant wait! I shared with my younger sister & cant think of a it being a hassle til I turned 16 & was always sneaking out & I had to pay her to keep her mouth shut!
    Oh & when she started going through that stupid question asking stage! (3 yrs between us!)

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