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    With much joy i discovered that my exact stroller which DS has had since birth comes in a double! I have my heart set on getting this as i love our stroller and also like the concept of having the baby and the toddler next to each other. The benefits i see in this style are the equality and also being close and able to interact, both having a view.

    The one i want fits through a standard doorway but is obviously still wide... people don't seem to like the side-by-side styles. Am i the only one?? I really don't like the idea of having one behind the other and especially the ones where one is so low it looks like its in the area where you usually have a bag or something. But i know the narrowness would be more convenient.

    So i'd like to hear from others who have a side-by-side, are you happy with it?

    I mainly plan to use it when going for a walk and maybe the odd trip to the shops, but i realise i won't be able to go anywhere with clutter or small aisles... not a huge issue really i suppose.

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    I've been going through this too. I can see advantages to both so to be honest, I've ended up deciding I'll probably get both. I've bought a double mountain buggy for walks and will get a tandem for shopping. I was just going to stick with the MB but started to worry about things like, where do you put the pram when you're getting babies out of the car? Its too wide to go between my car and the one parked next door with room for me to get around so it would mean I would have to leave one of my babies on her own for however long it took me to get her sister out, and leave her where a car could potentially hit her, and that really worried me. I'm going to try with just the MB to start with, but am pretty resigned to the fact I'll need to get my "shopping" pram. Life with two babies is already going to be hard enough, I figure I should make it as easy as possible where I can!

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    Ive got a side by side pram, tandem pram and three wheeler with toddlerseat.....
    I didnt like the tandem, it was rather heavy to push.So sold it on ebay !!!
    I love my three wheeler with toddlerseat, but when DD#3 gets bigger, we will go back to the side by side.
    Whatever pram/stroller etc you buy, you are going to have difficulties getting thru checkouts, doorways etc. Whilst a lot of stores now accomodate for this, a lot dont. Im used to walking past shops now and thinking 'nope, cant go in there.....'. You do get used to it.....

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    Hi to you all,

    My daughter has a Bibi Strolli Rider for her 2yo. It is like a little bike ( no pedals, but foot rests) that hooks onto the handle most prams or strollers. It comes out the side of the pram or stroller and my grandson rides beside his mum. It is really great and he just loves it.

    This is just another idea for the bigger toddler. My daughter did not like the idea of her huge toddler in a toddler seat and she did not want to buy another stroller.

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    I cannot recommend the Phil and Teds with toddler seat enough! I didnt like the idea of attaching a normal toddler seat because J still likes to nap in the pram sometimes and the side by side's are so bulky, I know Id struggle to get the thing out of the boot. The Phil and Teds fits down any isle/check out and is so lightweight, even with both kids in it. Jett loves being on top in the toddler seat and when the time comes for Ripley to move to the toddler seat underneath Im sure he'll be fine with it, they can still look around, just get a different perspective on things

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    I really don't like the look of the P&T, it looks like one child goes in the bag compartment

    Its a shame the side by sides are so wide, but a friend with twins had one and managed....... and i just love the idea of them being next to each other. I'm pretty unlikely to go to the shops much anyway and if i do i'll carry the infant and have DS in the trolley or stroller so mainly its for walking.

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    I have a Valco Trimode twin runabout and dont mind it, I like the concept of having babies side by side too. I dont like the P&T for the same reason as you. I am not keen on the toddler seats on 3 wheelers either because I am worried about how steady it will be with my overactive toddler.
    When Liam is a bit older I will probably get a sdie by side stroller for out and about and just keep my Valco for walking.

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