I agree that being a mummy can really hurt your brain.....and it has nothing to do with our children but all the 'well meaning' advice/charts/theories/studies/experiences....yada yada yada

I agree that it is a mummy skill to take all that is given to you with a pinch of salt because ultimately you are the only person who knows your child best.

I was so milestone focussed with DD#1 that I look back and think I really could've enjoyed just having my baby so much more rather than being unnecessarily zoned in on can she can't she.

Having DD#2 has certainly taught me to relax, be flex and enjoy

Like I said, you know your baby well enough that I believe that either your child will show signs or your mummy instinct will kick in to alert you to something that may need attention......but I also believe that as well meaning as charts are, they cause more grief than pleasure as the poor first time mummy is chastised for not having the 'average' baby, if that makes sense.

Side note: OMG Ozziehoffy!! I can't believe that your little one is almost 1!!! Eeek!! Where has the time gone?!?!