thread: Six Week Check-up. Paediatrician Vs. GP?

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    Melody Guest

    Six Week Check-up. Paediatrician Vs. GP?

    Quick question.... In hospital, after Hunter was born, a woman walked in & introduced herself as the Paediatrician. She spent 5 minutes with us (Hunter) at that time, checked him over & said everything was fine. She then left.

    Two days later she popped back into my room, glanced over at Hunter, asked me if he had been sleeping/feeding. We spoke briefly about the swelling on his head (conehead) talked about the weather & she left. she was in the room for no more than 3-5 minutes & didn't lay a finger on Hunter.

    I assumed this whole time that she was just a resident Paediatrician but recieved a bill for $350 on Friday. Now because it is billed to Hunter I cant clain it on MBF & I will get a portion back on Medicare but that isn't the point. If they had indicated to me that she was a private Paediatrician & told me what it cost to see her I probably would have agreed to see her just for peace of mind but I feel cheated. It was never offered to me in the form of a choice & I dont have $350 to throw around... who does?

    As soon as I left the hospital I made a six week app. with her (as instructed to do so) but today when I called to ask about the acc. I cancelled that app. out of principle. (I was nice about it) My question is... do I need to see a Paediatrician? what does the six week check-up entail? can i see a normal GP for this?

    Sorry.... i am just a bit panicked & dont want to jeapordise Hunter's health on principle but if it is enough to see a really good GP then I am happy to just do that. If a speacialist is required then I am happy to find another one but I dont want to be rorted out of money either.

    Any thoughts?

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    We just saw our GP for Zander's 6wk checkup. There was only twice that Zander has seen a paedeatrician - when first born to do all the normal checks & then when we were leaving because he had lost too much weight.

    As far as I remember at the checkup Zander's hips were checked again, his testicles to make sure they were descended properly, his belly button, weight, height, length ummm I think that's it. I also had the checkup at the same time which was just a feel of the tummy, check of the c/s scar & pap smear.

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    Mar 2004

    As Sarah says the check-up is for you as well as for Hunter so a GP is better equipped to do it. Your GP will be able to do everything that is nessescary for the 6 week check-up and discuss any issues you might want to raise. Its probably good to start building up a relationship with your family Dr too.
    I think you should lodge a complaint to the hospital. Its a bit scammy sending in a private peadiatrician to you without warning you that you will be charged.

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    Aug 2004
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    Matthew only saw the Paediatrician once and that was when he was born, my OB checked him out thoroughly on discharge and then again at our Post Natal appointment.

    I think the only reason you`d need to see a Paediatrician is if Hunter had any problems which need to be dealt with otherwise go to your GP or OB for your post natal appointment and Hunter will be checked over at the same time.

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    Nov 2004

    We went private and a paediatrician attended the birth (emergency caesarean). He checked Amy everyday for the 7 days we were in hospital. We never asked for one but we were really happy with him. We were billed $550 and I got 100% back from Medicare. We had a 4 week check up with him and a 6 week check up with the Ob and they did the same things which is check Amy's hips and general health.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Thats a bit bloody cheeky!!! How much of it can you get back from Medicare?

    I just saw my GP, and that was at 3 weeks cause of the cracked nipple. I had to book a double appt, she checked Jenna over too, hips, eyes etc, and she did a pap smear for me, and checked my internals out.

    I personally think its a great time to get a relationship going wiht your GP. In geelong, the GP gets a copy of the birth report, so if you have a good relationship with your GP anyway, they are probably wondering how you are going.

    I'd be complaining to the hossy though. That is seroiusly rank.


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    I received a bill statement from my health insurance about a month after the birth of Mason. They had payed out $250 to some Dr that I didn't know about so I rang the hospital to find out who it was. She was a Physio that came in for 5 mins felt my tummy muscles to check for seperation and gave me a sheet of excercises to do.
    I wasn't told there would be a charge for this. Luckily my health insurance covered it but I still felt it was a bit cheeky!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
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    I can't believe it!! I would think they would have had to discuss costs before doing things without invitation....

    I went public & had a paediatrician check everyday after Matilda's birth and I received physio care for post c/s and 6 week post op physio care & home visits for nothing. I guess I didn't get to choose the people who helped me, but they were all so lovely I didn't mind them.

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    Melody Guest

    Thanks so much for all your feedback regarding the Peadiatrician disaster... I feel a lot better now knowing that it is all routine (to see a GP)

    I also took Hunter to the ECC thismorning to ask questions & she was more than happy with how he is doing (he has put on a massive 430g in 7 days... bringing him to 4.9k) she did a cursory of all his bits & explained what the six week check-up was all about.... exactly what you ave all told me. I have a check-up with OB at 6 weeks so barring any problems I will take him to a GP. Phew! I feel so much better now.

    Still a bit steamy about the dishonesty though ](*,) It seems every industry is just ridden with parasites now... all designed to make a dollar out of you. It is sad really.... :-({|=

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Melody - perhaps you could make a complaint to someone about it? That was rather sneaky of them!! You should not have to fork out that amount of money.
    Gabby has only been to a paed once and that was because the GP picked up on a very slight heart murmur. By the time I went to the paed, he said that the GP must have a very good ear because the murmur was so slight that he wasn't stressed about it at all. It cost about $150 but I got $100 back on medicare.
    So I just assumed that paediatricians were only necessary if there were extenuating circumstances - not for regular check-ups iykwim?

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    Jun 2003

    If you didn't consent they can't bill you. Its illegal. I would make a complaint. Thats down and out right RUDE!