thread: Sizes for a 4-7 mth old?

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    Sizes for a 4-7 mth old?


    Am not sure I am posting in the right spot. Hoping you can help.

    My SIL has just given birth to my beautiful neice in the USA and, as she has all the newborn stuff she will ever need - has asked that I send some winter clothes for when she's a bit older. I guess she's thinking that they will be coming on special here as they would be coming out of season.
    She will be 4mths in December for their winter. I don't have any kids of my own (yet) and am totally clueless when it comes to baby sizes. My niece was just over 9pd when she was born - if that helps.

    Can anyone advise what sizes I should be looking for and what items you would recommend?


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    Feb 2004

    My son was just under 9lb when he was born & he's 5months old today. At the moment he's in 00 (has been for about a month), but he is a little shorty! If you decide to buy Bonds clothes, make sure you get a size bigger than the rest of the clothes because they are a smaller make - Zander is in 0 in those.

    It also seems that most of the babies in the 3-6month thread are in 00, maybe duck in there & ask as well?

    As for what types of clothes Id reccommend, hmmm..... Sleeping bags for bed in case your niece kicks off her blankets. Bonds suits are good for pyjamas inside the sleeping bag. We have troubles with things that have feet in them cos Zander has such big feet, so maybe check with SIL if bub has big feet!


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    I'd suggest size 0, it's always better to buy a little too large than a little too small, and 0 is aimed at the 6 month range.


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    Jul 2004
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    I would also advice sizes 00 - 0.
    Pumpkin Patch are having good sales on their winter stuff atm as well ... their sizing is also pretty generous so you might do with 00's... but then maybe its best to be on the safe side and go one larger?

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    Jun 2005
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    Just quickly I find Eliza's head alittle big for the Pumpkin Patch jumpers..I don't think it is that large, so I would go a size up on them.
    Happy shopping.

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    I would have said 00, or a Bonds 0. I've never really been able to by "in advance' for my kids lol. I guess it depends on brands, too, there is a HUGE variation in each brand. Target stuff is huge. I bought a 0000 outfit there and my DD was swimming in it when she was born lol. Yet other brand 0000 she would only just fit into.

    My DD is 2 months now and still in 000 and even some 0000 still fit, so I have been buying her 00 size things for summer - she is quite petite though.

    Maybe hang out in the baby section of a store and ask any mums in there with babies around the same age what size they are in - I'm sure they'd be happy to help out.

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    Nov 2004

    My declan was born 8lbs and is 5 months, he is in mostly 0's, some 00s. Btw if u do decide on a sleeping bag, go up a size or so, declans is a size 1, and it gives them heaps of room to move. Big W does some cute ones for about $10.