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Thread: sleep clicic at sth eastern hosp melbourne

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    I received a call from sth estern hosp last night, i had rung them as i was having troulble getting DS(4mnths) to sleep during the day.. anyhow they are booking us in for the residential stay.. anyone been to this hosp for help? would love to know how you went, and what they did. thanks

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    I would really love to know what some of their suggestions are. Our DS (nearly 5 months) won't sleep well in the day either and I often get tired of trying to get him to have a sleep as he can be quite miserable if he doesn't get some. It's so hard because we know how much better they'll feel if they have a good sleep yet they are so stubborn (well Lincoln is anyway)

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    I would be happy if he has only not been sleeping well during the last mnth, but he has never been a good day sleeper. i have to rock him to sleep or feed him to sleep ,, and then he may only have a few catnaps of 40mins... i think that i wil be going to the sleep school from week beginning 12th feb- praying it does some good

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    I've been reffered to childrens hosp sleep clinic. My DD just catnaps also but our prob is the screaming and fighting before each nap! Takes just as long to settle as she actually sleeps.

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