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    My baby is 3 months old and cant sleep past one sleep cycle during the day (45 mins). He wakes but seems very tired still and I cant get him back to sleep. This is becoming very difficult in day to day life as he wont sleep in the pram or car, and after he wakes he gets tired after 40 minutes of being awake. I have tried rocking and patting him back to sleep but he just wakes even more.
    Has anyone got any suggestions??
    I also have to rock him to sleep as my husband I and I decided we dont wanna let him cry it out but he is getting way to heavy for me to rock for 20 mins to get him to sleep. He is already 7.1kgs!!
    If anyone can help with our sleep problems, would be much appreciated.

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    Where do you put Toby down for a sleep during the day? Maybe change where you put him down during the day... Is he sleeping through the night? You do what you have to do to get your bub to sleep and I know how you feel about getting heavy.. My DS is 15 weeks old and weighs 7.5kg, I know what you mean about not letting them cry but have you tried going in there giving him a dummy or patting him on the bum saying "shhhh" and not picking him up but just give him a little help to get through his next sleep cycle, maybe that's all he needs just a little assistance. Hugs to you and good luck, I am sorry I haven't been much help.. xxoo

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    Would a quick feed on the breast (if you are bfeeding...) lull him back to sleep as a comfort? I rang Ngala about this and they said it was normal for babies to wake out of their cycle. They have a helpline in Perth that is quite good. The number is on a magnet in your purple baby book. they will call you back in a few hrs as they are always busy. They also have a group Sat info session for you, partner and bubs on settling baby to sleep. I haven't been but am tempted! You just have to try diff things to find what works for you and bubs, without waking him too much if possible. Perhaps let him have a bit of a cry- you stay with him and if after a couple of minutes he is screaming pick him up for comfort. My 5 wk DD sometimes needs a few minutes of a good cry and then goes back to sleep. I pick her up is she is distressed but otherwise pat her back/legs etc at the rate of a heartbeat for a while. You could also talk to your GP or child health nurse about him sleeping on his tummy- I am not advocating anything but I have chosen to let DD sleep on her tummy during the day when I am nearby and can check her. She sleeps MUCH better- falls asleep quicker and doesn't stir out of cycles. She is on a firm mattress and can move her neck well, so I am happy to let her. Again, check with a professional about it.

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