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    Ds-10weeks is a terrible day sleeper. but is happy to cat nap which i know is not an ideal situation, nights he is ok.

    he can sleep for appr 40mons then wake up., my health sister has advised this is only light sleep and i need to get him to have at least 45mins to an hr for he goes into a deeper sleep/

    if he wakes up after 40mins and takes me like 20mins to settle him and he only has another 30mins, wouldnt this mean, he is still only hsave a light sleep, or would he be having a deep sleep. i wish i knew and didnt have to resettle him.. also how long does it take to selle your babies. thx

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    your health sister sounds like a bossy boots to me
    bree only ever had 40 min naps once she was a few months old and sleeping abit less - and we both thought it was fine. she still slept when she needed to. honestly, there is no ''rule book" with babies - just because some nurse thinks you are doing it wrong - doesn't mean she is right!

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    I kinda agree with Joh. Every baby is different. Jesse sleeps like an angel at night but only cat naps during the day. As long as he has those cat naps then he's a happy boy in the evening. I mean his cat naps could only be fore half an hour to an hour between each feed every 4 hours. He smiles day in a day out, plays, goos etc.. so do what is best for your DS.. my sister's DS didnt sleep during the day at all and he's now 7 and perfectly health and smart and fine.

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    my baby sleeps through the night but during the day has only a few naps lasting 20 minutes.. never longer than 30minutes
    Ive even heard people say that 15mins for an adult is enough for a catnap

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