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    DS is 7wks you wake a sleeping baby when they are sleeping more during the day than what they do at night...
    DS has been asleep for 5 hours!! Last night he did 2x 4hour stints!!!
    What do you think?

    PS I am still demand BF'g and just going with the flow ie no REAL routine..

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    The MW in the hospital told me to wake Cooper every 4 hours for a feed, during the day only.

    I was to let him sleep as long as he wanted at night. I followed his lead in relation to bed time and it's nearly always been about 6.00 pm. So once he goes to sleep at this time I don't wake him.

    But during the day I don't let his feeds go longer than 4 hours (not that I need to worry about this now as it's rare for him to sleep that long!).

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    I was told to wake them every 4 hours too, but that was when Jesse was a newborn. He's now 9 weeks old andalso will have the occasional long day sleep. I think if he's hungry he'll let me know. He's putting on weight and has plenty of wet nappies and still sleeps well at night.. so i say when that changes wake them, but for us, ive also found if Jesse has a good daytime sleep he'll be less crabby in the evening.

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