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    Evie isn't too bad with her sleeping, but I still help her to sleep (feed her to sleep, rock her pat her etc). She usually wakes up once during the night. Her day sleeps are less predictable (she would rather be awake, thank you!).

    Is that bad? Should I be concentrating more on teaching her to get herself to sleep?
    Or is what i'm doing okay?

    Oh... and she's 8 months old.

    She actually used to put herself to sleep easily, but since about 6 months something's clicked for her and she won't do that anymore. Common story??

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    Sophia was the same. Used to self settle until 6 months when it all changed. I still feed/cuddle her to sleep but I don't mind doing it at all. I suppose it really all comes down to what you are happy doing. Once we've decided to try for number 2 we'll work on Daddy being to one to put her to bed all the time but in the meantime I'm enjoying all the cuddles myself.

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