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Thread: sleep school- should i still go

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    maggie Guest

    Default sleep school- should i still go


    Ds is 5 mnths, his day sleeps were terrible, had to be rocked to sleep,and would only catnap during the day.. sop we booked into residential stay at sleep school. and go next week.. the problem is the last week, he has been ahving great day sleeps, i just place him in his cot fully awake and 9/10 times he goes to sleep, maybe he may grizzle for 5 mins sometimes but generally he is good, and can sleep 1.5-2hrs, sometimes will catnap but not so often..

    The problem is, would u still go to sleep school if day sleeps are like this.

    His night sleeps are OK, he is waking now though every 4hrs appr and the only way i can get him back to sleep, is give him the boob. (i know we need this fixed) also he wont go to bed for DH at night as he relies on the boob

    Should we still go to sleep school, maybe they can help with night sleeps. i am worried that there may be someone worse off then me who needs to sleep school more then us, but at the same time, he may go haywire again,. and we really need him to be able to slepe nights without relying on the boob, as he goes to sleep now ok during the dayw ithout a boob

    any thoughts..

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    I think if you want to get your DS going to sleep at night with out being feed, then it would be worth while, I am off to a sleep school next week for one night, as Charlotte has to be cuddled to sleep during the night, and wakes up after 30 mins and i have trouble getting her back to sleep most nights.
    Good luck, it normally takes ages to get into residential stay, so i would use it.

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    Jodie259 Guest


    Maggie - I did residential sleep school and it was the best thing I ever did.

    Although your DS may be settling now... the sleep school could still help you with other advice. And even if his day sleeps have come good - you can just focus on the night sleeps. And even if they are good... then just go there for the break!!

    My hubby stayed with us, and he said it was like a holiday. We went to QEC in melbourne, and they provide all your meals, you have a private room & bathroom. And my son's night sleeps were really bad, and the nurses told me to stay in bed and just press the buzzer and they would take care of him... just so I got a rest! He also had some feeding issues, so they got a feeding specialist in to have a look at him.

    You also get to mingle with other parents which is nice too.

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    I had the same thing happen with Kaitlyn although she was 3months. And two weeks before sleep school she become a model sleeper!. I cancelled only because I just felt I didnt want to go if I didnt need it at the time. Although I had a friend who said it would still be good just to learn tips . So I guess it is a personal choice.

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    maggie Guest


    thanks guys, have spoken to a few friends today, who say to still go, so will see how he is over the w/end..

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    Jodie259 Guest


    Good luck Maggie... what ever you do.

    Just don't feel guilty if you decide to go... even if DS is sleeping well.
    You will learn a lot more than just sleeping...
    They had a different seminar every day... and a seminar where just dads had to go.
    It was a great experience.

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    Maggie, it's up to you but if it were me, I would probably still go. You might find some tips to help you there in case you experience difficulties in the future. He is still very young though and they do go through very unsettled stages from time to time. You will come out the other side of it one day but I know it is hard going with a catnapper.

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