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    My DD is a real big sleeper, she has more sleep than other babies her age i am sure. I have a book on saving your sleep and it suggests the times for naps. Well DD has had two naps before the first scheduled one. If she is sooky, i put her into bed and she will just love it. She can spend a whole hour playing in her cot, she only has a teddy in there and nothing else. I am confused at why she loves going to bed when she has a whole room of toys to play with when she is up. DD will be up for maybe 1 hour and a bit then she willl be back in bed, sleeping!!! Is this normal?? I know i shouldnt complain!!! Just wondering

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    If your daughter is happy then I don't think it should be a problem. I usually judge things that Ashleigh does by whether or not she seems content and if she is then it must be right.

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    Yeah, I agree, if your DD is happy then go with it. It's wonderful that you've got such a great sleeper! All babies have different sleep requirements so ignore what that book says about what she 'should' be doing and go with what your baby needs. No point in having her tired, cranky & awake just because some book says it's not her nap time yet IMHO!

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