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    Jan 2004


    Hello All:-)

    Just wondering if any mothers had walked and rocked their babies to sleep?

    And if you did how did you set bub to falling asleep on their own? Usually if she suddenly wakes up smiling in the middle of the night I can place her on her side and pat her bottom until she falls back to sleep, but during the daytime this doesn't work!

    Any feedback would be appreciated...
    Did take bub to the eye specialist the other day and there is only a 20% chance now of her eyes righting itself. At the moment one is usually always turned inward.
    It may be that near her 1st bthday she will have an op' to correct it and will need a more as she goes through her childhood:-(
    At least we'll get her eyesight right eventually though. Other than that Cara is a very happy bub:-)

    I hope every1 is doing gr8...


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    Mar 2004

    Hi Carol, I'm sorry to hear that cara is going to need operations for her eyes. Is her vision OK other than the eye being turned inward?
    I've rocked and walked Yasin to sleep many times. When he was a newborn I used to follow the feed play sleep routine and put him down when he was drowsy and he just seemed to learn to put himself to sleep without my help but then we went on holidays and mucked up his routine and since then he's needed a bit of help. He's getting better again but he still needs his hammock bounced. Sometimes I sing to him. They say that if you always follow the same routine before putting them down it help them to learn its sleepy time and some people use a sooothing CD or tape as a sleep trigger. Maybe if you visit your echn she could help you with some strategies.

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    I really can't remember the ages, but I'm fairly sure that both my boys sort of just fell into settling themselves to sleep. I did BF and rock them to sleep for months though.

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    Jan 2005
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    We still rock Mitch, but really only as he knows it is the signal for bed. I used to worry about how much we rocked him, carried him, spoilt him etc but bugger it. Mitch is/was a terrible sleeper, but I think he will find his own routine in time. He sleeps in with us if I feel like it, we still rock him and do all the WRONG things... it works for us though!

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    Now we rock Matilda until she's settles (i.e. stopped screaming & writhing) and the when she is almost asleep we put her in her cot and pat her bottom and leave. Some days she needs it longer than others and somedays she pushes us away so she goes straight into the cot & she falls straight asleep!! :smt102

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    Feb 2004

    We don't usually need to rock Matthew to sleep, he has always been a pretty good sleeper, then was a period there that he wouldn't settle but after getting some advice from BB girls, I have learnt to take notice of his tired signs early. (thanks girls!)

    We did have a bit of trouble on Saturday getting him to sleep as we had visitors all day and he was overstimulated,he was grizzly but he finally went to sleep in Daddy's arms.