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    does anyone use sleeping bags for newborns. ds is 4wks old and does not like to be wrapped. i am tempted to get a grobag/sleeping bag. are they safe?

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    grobag make a newborn size now, that is a bit smaller than the 0-6mth size
    Sleeping bags are safe as long as they fit properly and they need to be made from the right fabric, which it normally terry or cotton.

    Some grobags are fleece outer, but cotton lined on the inside, although I don't think they sell these ones in Aust., mainly UK.

    I use grobag and living textiles sleeping bags with Milo. He likes them equally, and the LT's are about 1/2 - 2/3 the price of the grobags. Grobags come with the thermometer though, are generally prettier to look at, and are available in side zips, as well as ones that zip up the middle.

    With regard to the fitting, the arm holes (I wouldn't use one with arms/sleeves, has to be sleeveless) and neck holes should not be so huge that your baby can pull their head/arms in to the sleeping bag IYKWIM?

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