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Thread: Sleeping patterns are changing

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    Default Sleeping patterns are changing

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding my 11 week son.

    Up until 9 weeks, he was sleeping around 3-4 hours and then feeding, and now his sleeping pattern seems to have changed. Luckily (I know I am very fortunate) from around 8 weeks he started to sleep from 7pm - 6am, with no night feeds (I am still breastfeeding also), but then his days sleeps started to shorten, now he only catnaps for 40 minutes or so at a time.

    For five days now, he is also feeding during the day every 2 hours after his last feed, and I put it down to being a growth spurt.

    He is also crying so much more now when I put him in his bass, but he is showing tired signs. Do I let him cry for a certain period of time??

    Can anyone tell me maybe why he feeds more during the day, and what is going on with his days sleeps? Does it sound like a growth spurt? Some days he isn't sleeping that much. But he screams so much when I put his down for his sleep and I am not sure why.

    I have read many threads about some Mums who are having a harder time than me, I know I haven't got it that bad, but I would still like some wordly mother advice - please!!

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    my daughter is eight weeks old and she does the same. she sleeps from 6pm - 6am with no feed, but every two hours during the day... i was told that it was because they still need the same quantity of food so they feed more often during the day to make up for the long stint with no food at night. sometimes my daughter will go from 9am - 6pm with just a few cat naps. she is also taking a lot more formula at every feed than she used to when she had night feeds.... as for the screaming, don't know sorry. maybe he is just not tired so does not want to go to bed? hope this helps...

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