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    Floss Guest

    Sleeping problems

    My beautiful baby is now 14 months old and still having sleep problems. Ever since she was born she has wanted to sleep with me. For the first couple of months of her life she slept on my chest (literally!!). She then moved to next to me on the bed until eventually at about 4 months I got her into her cot. Now though she quite often wakes during the night especiall when teeth are coming through but will not go back to her own bed so I have to get into the spare bed in her room and we then slumber the night away together. I get a bit confused as to which bed I'm in half the time if I wake during the night. To top it all off she wakes at around 4.30 each morning and that's it - it's up and out of bed or suffer the consequences!! Does anyone share the same kind of problems or am I the only one????

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    Kellee Guest

    You are certainly not alone! I bet that more women than you think feel your pain. Have you visited a sleep clinic or sleep centre? I'll tell you what we did with Charlie and it might give you some ideas.

    Charlie slept on either my chest or DH's chest for the first few months. Then we were able to transfer him from our bed to his cot, but he would often end up with us anyway, especially in the early hours of the morning. The worst was through the day though - we had to pat him to sleep and it was driving me mad. I went to a daytime sleep clinic where they advocated the controlled crying thing. I agreed with some of the principles, but though it was a bit harsh. I tried it anyway for a few weeks because I was desparate. When I didn't have any success I called a private MCHN, who used to work at a sleep centre and found that the method they used there was too rigid and didn't take into account each individual baby's needs. She taught us that it is important to allow the child to learn to sleep on his/her own - after all, WE can't actually sleep for them (although we'd like to!). The method she taught us was a modified form of CC - rather than counting out the minutes, we listen to his cries. If all of his needs are met and his cry varies in volume (loud/soft/loud/dies down/soft etc.) then there's probably nothing wrong with him. If he gets too hysterical (high pitched loud cry that doesn't die down) we go in and settle him for a few minutes and then leave and listen to his cries. It doesn't matter how long it takes - especially to begin with. It was really hard for me to listen to him as it sounded like he was 'suffering' - now I know that he isn't suffering, he's just trying to communicate that he's tired and trying to block out the rest of the world in the only way he knows how. After a few days of this he was self settling within about 15 minutes and was a completely different boy! He's so much happier now that he's getting proper sleep. We do have our bad days, but everyone does. I hope you find some solutions that work for you - let us know how you get on, and if you want any extra help, just PM me. Good luck and big hugs to you.

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    My sympathies to you, it must be hard. I think I would ask for some help form your MCHN. This is obviously taking a toll on you all. My sister had a similar problem, her DD is now almost 6 and she still has problems getting her to sleep, sometimes when she visits mum she won't go to sleep, she cries and carries on and keeps coming out of the room, eventually my sister goes in and strokes her head and gets her to sleep... Well in my opinion that is waaaay to much... 6 years of fighting to get your children to sleepp... AHHHHHHH!!! LOL
    I am sure there is help available you just have to find it. As Kellee said, it may seem harsh, but what ever you try will be worth it.