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    Mar 2004

    sleeping through

    What age did your babies start sleeping through? Does anyone know any tricks to encourage it. Yasin is 7 months and still wakes for a 10pm and a 3am feed (on a good night). All the book say that by 6 months they should sleep through and waking up is habit not hunger but Yasin seems to be genuinly hungry when he wakes so I can't help wondering if the books are wrong. It only worries me occasionally but the ILs are pressuring DH about it and he's beginning to think that there's something wrong with our baby/parenting.

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    Kameron slept through the night from 14wks old and Lachlan from 13wks 5 days, but each kid is different and I know a few kids who are pushing 3 or more and still don't sleep through the night.


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    May 2003
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    As Kathryn says, all babies are different, and I am sure it has nothing to do with parenting skills............I honestly believe it is luck of the draw!

    Olivia slept through for the first time at about 10 weeks (the night of Mothers Day actually: best pressie she could have given me!!) and slept through erratically from then, from about 10pm-7am.

    At 4 months we started a bath, boob, bed routine which meant she was in bed by 7, and she seemed to love this and slept through every night from this point on: 7pm - 7am. (I have no idea if it was this routine or pure coincidence that meade her do this though.)

    Good luck, take no notice of what anyone else says: he'll do it when he is ready! (A GF of mine has twin boys of 15 months and they are still waking twice a night for feeds..........)

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    Mar 2005
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    The definition of 'through the night' is only 5 ot 6 hours isnt it? Its not talking 8 hours or more.. I found that fact very interesting..

    Hope the routine advice helps you out hun.. and if all else fails.. remember that your IL are not raising this child, you and your DH are.. and your Yasins mother, and his mother knows whats best for him.. in all aspects..

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    Apr 2004
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    pressuring you ? thats nuts. tell them to nick off.

    i got caitlin out of the 2am feed at about 6 months and made her last feed of the night as a bottle so i was certain how much she was getting (never 100% sure when it came to breast feeding) and that if she cried she wasnt hungry.

    I did the controlled crying thing, pat and leave, pat and leave and it took about five nights. most excited about this. it depends on if you believe in this method and how strong you are to make it work.

    my friends 15month old girl still wakes at 3am for a feed.

    there is nothing wrong with your parenting !!!


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    Jul 2004
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    You poor thing Dachlostar... your IL's sound SO interfering! It is none of their business, cause there is NOTHING wrong with your parenting AT ALL!!

    Aidyn started sleeping through at 8 weeks. Then he started waking again at about 7-9 months, then he was sleeping through again, and now (at 12 months) he is waking again at about 4am each morning wanting his bottle (and then he will go back tos leep again till about 8am)...
    I wish I had some advice, but all I can say is that its pretty normal! I dont know of that many babies that have consistently slept through from an early age either...

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    Feb 2004

    Hey Dacholstar,

    I am sure Yasin is doing find, just you finding it hard to get up all the time. The added pressure from the IL's I know wouldn't be helping but don't they understand - all baby's are different! Why can't anyone understand this simple fact of life?

    DS is sleeping through now but I am not expecting this to always be the case, we have teething and all sorts of things waiting for us up ahead!

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    You poor thing - tell your in laws to bugger off! YOU know your baby best, even though I bet your MIL would like to think SHE does by the sound of it. I think the best thing to do when they bring it up is to smile politely and say, "This is how we're choosing to raise Yasin, but we will certainly listen to any advice offered" Then explain to them that, though you will listen to advice, you're sure that they're aware that every baby is different and that you have been bombarded with advice since before he was born and there is a lot to take on board so you're trying to come up with a solution that suits you, DH Yasin. Maybe they need to be made aware that you're feeling pressured and that it doesn't make it any easier.

    I know it's really hard when bub isn't sleeping through (Charlie is kind of off and on, so I know what you're going through). Keep telling yourself "It's only temporary, it's not forever..." and get help through the day if you're tired whenever you can. Maybe your MIL could give you a hand through the day - that's something PRACTICAL she can do instead of just adding to your stress. Big hugs - I hope you're ok.